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PC Facebook users will feel right at home with its mobile counterpart. Instead of the watered down version of social networking that is common when these sites are transferred to a cell phone interface, this one is very close to the “real thing.” All of the major abilities are here. Under your home screen you can view the latest news from your friends, see recent notifications and approve or deny requests by touching the appropriate button.

With a simple tap of the finger you can also update your profile, poke friends and even write on their walls. You can also manage your friends list as well as send and receive messages and chat with friends that are online. Basically, if you can do it on your computer at home, you can do it on the go. Everything looks almost exactly like the typical Facebook version you have grown to know and love.

Unlike with its predecessor, Facebook Mobile, this app does not rely on text messaging to look up friends or contact them. You can also find new friends through online searches just like you would on the computer.

iPhone’s Facebook app is an invaluable tool for the Facebook junkie. You can constantly update and check on your friends’ status. The only issue I had was that since there is so much going on in Facebook, no matter what version you are using, it does require a lot of scrolling on the page in order to view items like your messages or the postings on your profile page.

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