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Pocket First Aid App Review                        Pocket First Aid iPhone App

Pocket First Aid iPhone App
This app is a lot easier to carry around than a Red Cross training manual. And in some ways, it is just as helpful. This is especially true of the overviews and procedures section, where you can get step by step directions on everything from how to properly stock a first aid kit to how to do the Heimlich Maneuver.

The rest of the app features symptoms, simple treatments and causes for common medical problems. The key word in this case is simple. You won’t find information on diagnosing the problem or on any kind of long term treatment. In other words, WebMD it is not, but it can be just the tool you need in an emergency.
Pocket First Aid Health iPhone App

Another reason to keep this app around is for the “my info” section. Just choose my info from the bottom of the screen on any page and you’ll reach a form where you can list your doctor’s name and phone number, information on any allergies you have and other pertinent facts you – or others – may need if you have a medical problem or accident. Now, the trick is getting others to look there if you’re unable to do it yourself.

This app is easy to use and straightforward with a very intuitive design. There’s no music or graphics that scream fun, but it’s unlikely you’d want to read medical information as a daily diversion anyway.

Keep it in your pocket but don’t throw out that Red Cross manual yet. It will come in handy if you need more in-depth advice than “pinch your nose” or “call 911.”

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