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Camera bag is an app that lets you apply several different filters to the pictures you take with your iPhone’s camera. It’s like carrying around a bag of lenses without the neck, back and shoulder pain.

There are seven filter options to choose from. I will go over each one.

Helga makes your picture look like it’s an old movie still, blurring the edges and brightening the center of the shot, while Cinema crops your photo into a widescreen format for a more modern look.
Camera Bag App

Lolo again goes old-school, increasing the image’s contrast and making it grainy, like an old Polaroid, complete with the bright white, square-shaped frame. Ansel makes your photo black and white and gives it a white border, perfect for those dreamy nature shots.

Next there are the year applications, named for the era they represent. 1962 ratchets down the contrast and the brightness of the photo, similar to an image in the newspaper, while 1974 takes on more of a sepia tone, giving your pic a retro look.

Lastly, there is Infrared. It makes your image look like it could have been taken with a heat-seeking lens.

You don’t have to choose between the options. You can use view all of them on the same photo simply by moving your finger from side to side on the screen to see each format. Choose one or more to save or delete them all if you wish. If you’re usually proud of your work, you can set up autosave to keep all your images automatically.

I really enjoyed using this application, as did my friend who is a PhotoShop whiz. It’s great for any photography buff, no matter what his or her skill level.

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