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Myspace Mobile iPhone  App
Most anything you can do on MySpace you can do on this app in convenient iPhone form. Now you never have to worry about updating your account again. You can do it on the go from wherever you are.

You can accept or deny friend requests, search for new friends, view accounts, photos and messages, upload photos taken from your phone, send and receive emails, update your profile, look at your friends’ status and moods, view new bulletins and read and leave comments.
Myspace Mobile App

Unlike the PC version of MySpace, the also has some adaptations to make the site easier on the eyes. You can view photos in full screen, so you’re not stuck looking at tiny thumbnails and navigate up and down the pages of the site by scrolling. Another thing that’s really different is that you can’t see all of the song and dance that some people add to their pages, such as wallpaper and background music. You are limited to their comments, photos and friends unless you sort through a complicated hierarchy of menus on the right side of the screen. But true MySpace devotees will have it figured out in minutes I’m sure.

If you live on MySpace, you’re going to love MySpace Mobile. In fact, you’ll hardly notice it’s any different, besides the fact that it fits in your pocket. Those who aren’t such ardent users, such as myself, may notice a slight learning curve. Either way, this is definitely an app that is worth trying out.

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