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Myspace Mobile iPhone  App
Most anything you can do on MySpace you can do on this app in convenient iPhone form. Now you never have to worry about updating your account again. You can do it on the go from wherever you are.

You can accept or deny friend requests, search for new friends, view accounts, photos and messages, upload photos taken from your phone, send and receive emails, update your profile, look at your friends’ status and moods, view new bulletins and read and leave comments.
Myspace Mobile App

Unlike the PC version of MySpace, the also has some adaptations to make the site easier on the eyes. You can view photos in full screen, so you’re not stuck looking at tiny thumbnails and navigate up and down the pages of the site by scrolling. Another thing that’s really different is that you can’t see all of the song and dance that some people add to their pages, such as wallpaper and background music. You are limited to their comments, photos and friends unless you sort through a complicated hierarchy of menus on the right side of the screen. But true MySpace devotees will have it figured out in minutes I’m sure.

If you live on MySpace, you’re going to love MySpace Mobile. In fact, you’ll hardly notice it’s any different, besides the fact that it fits in your pocket. Those who aren’t such ardent users, such as myself, may notice a slight learning curve. Either way, this is definitely an app that is worth trying out.

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iFish iPhone App
This app is a good substitute for the temporary escape that comes with that weekend fishing trip. You choose your location from many different areas in Europe, as well as less exotic locations like Pennsylvania and Oklahoma, and you’re greeted with a picturesque scene and sounds of nature in the background.

Grab your iPhone, hold it horizontally and make a forward motion with your wrist to cast your line. Then wait until your phone vibrates to tell you you’ve got a nibble. Jerk the phone to pull back on your rod and a lever will appear on your screen. You must move it in a circular motion to reel in your catch using the touch screen function. The directions will tell you to reel fast or reel slowly. Follow them exactly or it will slip away. Reel successfully and you get an image of your fish, complete with size and type, to put in your virtual bucket.
iFish App

My favorite part was the casting since it has a realistic sound that makes it seem like you could really be at the lake. And the arc and speed of your arm will determine how far your line goes out. Reeling in is somewhat difficult though, especially if you have a big fish at the end of your line. I spent five minutes working on one of my catches before finally letting it escape due to arm fatigue. It is also hard to do if you have big fingers, since the lever is only about half an inch long.

Though I finished my trip with only a sunfish weighing less than a pound in my bucket (you are allowed to throw back a puny catch such as this one), I thought this program was a good simulator and worth giving a try.

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Grocery IQ

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Save time and money while avoiding the headaches of grocery shopping. Grocery iQ includes all the features you expect from an intuitive and powerful shopping list application.

Share the Load, Why should one person do all the grocery shopping? Our email feature means anyone in the family can do it! Find It Fast Grocery iQ’s grocery search engine contains more than 130,000 items, empowering you to build lists with highly specific entries such as “Extra Crunchy JIF, 12 oz.” instead of “Peanut Butter” with just a few taps. No more calling home to see which item you should buy!

Save Time, Grocery iQ stores your favorite items and shopping history, making list creation quick and accurate. Stop trying to decipher someone else’s handwritten grocery list at the store!

Save Money by not burning gas and time making repeat trips to the store. With Grocery iQ, you’ll never have to hear, “Honey, did you remember to get …” as you walk in the door with an armload of groceries. No more forgotten items!

Stop Wandering the Aisles, Drag and drop categories of grocery items on your iPhone into the order of the aisles of the store you’re shopping. Automatically, your list will re-order itself to match the layout of the store. Now you can walk through the store just one time! No more re-tracing your steps to find that one last item you missed!

To be completely honest with you when I downloaded this App to test for this review I was thinking it was a waste of money. Boy was I wrong, I downloaded it on both my wife and my iPhone 3G expecting a lame test well I find it very helpful no need to write a list and what I thick I like the most is the Aisles order option
this was a big plus for trying to navigate the new Super Walmart in my Town. So All an All I was total
wrong with my first impression of what this app would b

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    Itune App Reviews's Facebook profilee like, And Would recommend it to all Grocery Shoppers especially Men.