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Words Worth iPhone Game App Review
This app is perfect for those of you out there who love to play word games but don’t like the stress of being governed by the timer. While there is a little bit of timing involved, the player can essentially control it. And no, I don’t mean by shutting the game off when things get hairy.

The way the game works is you get a grid with hexagon shaped letter tiles. The object is to form words by either touching adjacent letters and then touching the submit key or dragging your way across the entire word with your fingertip. When you run out of words you can make, either shake the phone or touch the creepy looking man at the bottom of the screen to refresh your letter set.

It’s always great to get new letters, but unfortunately there’s a downside. You also get a timed tile. You have to get rid of these, by incorporating them into a word, before the entire tile changes from a dark red to a pale pink as the second hand on it moves. Otherwise your game ends.

Words Worth iPhone App
Luckily, there are also some tiles that can help you. There are green tiles that give you bonus points and wild card tiles, with a silhouette of the creepy man, that you can use to sub for a letter in your word, just like the blank Scrabble tiles. Plus, if you make a word longer than five letters you could be eligible to win a gold tile, which is similar to the green tile, but prettier.

Each time your reach a predetermined score you get bumped up to the next level. Each one has a name like WordWrek or WordCadet. If your score is a high enough number, you get to be on the “Wall of Wow” when you finish. You also get an increase in the number of times you can exchange the letters, up to five.

While this game can be fun, it doesn’t have the addictive nature of some other word game apps. There are pretty simple graphics and no real competitive play. It’s easy to save your game (by touching the yellow back arrow), put it down and go on to something else. There is something to be said for that.

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Everest Hidden Expedition

Everest Hidden Expeditionicon                     Everest Hidden Expedition App Reviewicon
Everest Hidden Expedition iPhone App
This app is like a Where’s Waldo book put into a jungle setting. You compete against three other teams to find hidden items, like marbles, lizards and cheese, that are superimposed on images of temples, trees and tombs. (You never actually see them competing, but after you finish each level you can see what place you’re in – though there is a noticeable lack of a numeric score.) When you spy one of the things on the list the app provides, simply touch it with your fingertip and it disappears and is checked off. You also get a delightful tone to tell you that you did a good job.

However, touch something you’re not supposed to and you get a negative buzz. Plus, the other teams will start to catch up. You have to be extra careful because the intricate images are hard to search through on the small screen and there are lots of extra hidden items in the picture as well. Turning the phone so they appear in landscape view will make your life a lot easier. Then you can scroll up and down with your finger to see the entire image.

Because this game has few effects besides the background music of nature sounds and a lot of times you have to search through the same picture more than once, it was not enough to keep my interest for very long. And I really would have liked some points so I could compete against my friends. But if you’re really into visual puzzles you will no doubt find it very enjoyable.

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