Flick Bowling

Flick Bowling iPhone App Review                        Flick Bowling iPhone App
Flick Bowling Mobile iPhone App
This game is a great diversion when you’re waiting in line or sitting at a restaurant. The kicky retro music is sure to cheer you up, as are the six different characters you can choose from with their cartoonish looks.

Game play is very easy. Simply choose your player by touching the screen, choose a bowling ball (the only differences seem to be in color and pattern, not in weight) and you’re ready. To bowl, move your player from left to right to line him or her up with your shot. Then touch the screen next to your player and move your finger upward on the screen in the direction you want the ball to go. Once you’ve let go of the ball, tilting the phone doesn’t do any good to save you from the gutter, so don’t bother. Your score shows up on the bottom of your screen after each frame in the typical bowling alley format.
Flick Bowling App Reviewed

The game also has a two-player mode where you simply trade off turns instead of trying to bowl simultaneously, which could be disastrous. Alternately, you can play against the computer, choosing an opponent by ability level.

My favorite thing about this game was the biographies of the characters. They range from Jeffrey, who “smells like rental shoes” to Mr. Hiner, “who still lives with his mother.” I also liked the fact that the learning curve was low so it is easy to pick up. In fact, after only playing for about two minutes, I had to increase the difficulty since it was way too easy to get strikes.

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ESPN Cameraman

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ESPN Cameraman iPhone Game App
This app is an adaptation of the popular game of “spot the differences” created just for sports fans. To play, you view two seemingly identical photos of a professional athlete and you’re tasked with finding the changes made to the second one.

You have a limited amount of time to do this and can watch the time ticking away via a bar at the side of the screen. Most alterations are fairly small, such as a different colored hat or a Nike swoosh taking off of the sleeve of a jersey, making the game fairly difficult and more suitable for adults than children.

Once you find a difference, you simply touch the screen in that spot on either one of the pictures. A circle will appear on both and you’ll get a cheery noise to congratulate you.

Touch an incorrect part of the screen and you get a loud boo and lose a chunk of. Finish the entire level (consisting of five differences) and the imaginary crowd will reward you with thundering applause. Then you get another picture set and the cycle begins again.
ESPN Cameraman Game App

One fun thing about this app is that you get three lifelines in the form of little cameras at the bottom of the screen. If you’re completely stumped select one of them and the app will reveal one of the answers for you. Thanks to the extra help, I was able to reach the second to last level, 72. But after 20 minutes of hunting through photos on the iPhone’s tiny screen I was starting to go a little cross-eyed.

I would recommend this game to sports and puzzle fans. The only complaint I have is that the background music gets a little old, but you can turn it off with the touch of an icon.

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Facebook iPhone App
PC Facebook users will feel right at home with its mobile counterpart. Instead of the watered down version of social networking that is common when these sites are transferred to a cell phone interface, this one is very close to the “real thing.” All of the major abilities are here. Under your home screen you can view the latest news from your friends, see recent notifications and approve or deny requests by touching the appropriate button.

With a simple tap of the finger you can also update your profile, poke friends and even write on their walls. You can also manage your friends list as well as send and receive messages and chat with friends that are online. Basically, if you can do it on your computer at home, you can do it on the go. Everything looks almost exactly like the typical Facebook version you have grown to know and love.

Unlike with its predecessor, Facebook Mobile, this app does not rely on text messaging to look up friends or contact them. You can also find new friends through online searches just like you would on the computer.

iPhone’s Facebook app is an invaluable tool for the Facebook junkie. You can constantly update and check on your friends’ status. The only issue I had was that since there is so much going on in Facebook, no matter what version you are using, it does require a lot of scrolling on the page in order to view items like your messages or the postings on your profile page.

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iTV – Media. My Way.

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iTV iPhone App
TV Guide, eat your heart out. This listing app is a faster and more streamlined way to see what’s available to watch, and of course, it’s much more portable. You create an account, tell the program where you live – or where you’re at currently – and you’ll get a list of network and cable providers in the area. Once you choose the one you’re using, the program will provide you with a list of everything that’s on, including the channel number and the time. The easy to use interface even features network logos, making it a cinch to find the program you’re looking for.

To make your selections even easier, the app allows you to save favorites based on the shows themselves, featured actors, genre, user ratings and more. Not sure about a title you’ve never seen before? You can read what others have to say and possibly see a preview video of the show.
iTV App

And I.TV is not limited to television either. You can look up the movie listings in local theaters too and take advantage of the same search and favorites options as you do for the television listings.

It’s a great app to use if you’re a perpetual channel flipper or if you need an easy way to see what should go on the DVR. Also, it’s perfect for travel. There’s no more hunting for your favorite stations in the hotel’s cable guide.

Note that you cannot view TV shows themselves or record them through this app. It is simply a way to see what is playing.

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Food IQ

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We all know that it’s a difficult task trying to keep track of what we eat. To be diligent about it and write everything down takes time. If you try and keep a running total in your head, chances are you’re off in your calculations.

Food IQ iPhone App makes it easy to track what you eat from day to day. It comes loaded with a database of over 7,500 foods. Items from grocery stores, fast food restaurants, fruits, vegetables, meats, etc…

Just search using any key word and the results appear instantly. Tap on an item and you are brought to the nutrition page, where you can instantly change the serving size and the nutrition information updates. Recent items are automatically saved and you can add any item to favorites instantly.

New to 2.1 is the ability to add your own custom foods and recipes. Adding a custom food is as simple as clicking ‘custom’ and clicking ‘add.’ Enter as much data as you wish to track for that food and you are done.

On top of that, you can also add any item to your daily meals to keep track of what you have eaten. Once on the nutrition detail page, just choose your serving size and press Eat Me ( just as you would add an item to a recipe). You are then brought to a new page where you can enter the number of servings you’ve had and preview the calories, fat, total carbs, net carbs, and even ww points. Once satisfied, click add and the meal is instantly saved to your daily meals.

Also new to 2.1 is the ability to edit past days and the addition of target calories. You can also set whether your calories or points are displayed on the icon in the iPhone home screen.

This is a very useful App this could be a life changing iPhone App, Again this App was Purchased
strictly for test and review purposes when in reality I am an overweight man who should have bought this App for my own personal use. I mainly eat fast food and boy is it not good for me at all, I used this App for 4 days to test it see all its features and what not. Over those four days I learned all the features of this App as well as the answers to my being over weight. I would that I eating entirely to many calories and greasy fatty foods.

My overall opinion about this Healthcare App is Very Good I think it could help a lot of overweight people as well as people who are in shape and want to continue that. For $1.99 that can help me eat healthier and hopefully lose some weight you can’t go wrong here. I plan to continue using this App and I can thank ituneappreviews.com for purchasing it.

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300 Bowl

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Bowl is the only true bowling simulation with a realistic view of the
bowling alley. Use your finger to toss the ball down the lane. Give it a curve or toss it straight and true, its all up to you.

Unparalleled sound and graphics, you feel as though you are in your own personal lane.

300 Bowl is a fun way to play a quick 10 frames without renting an ugly pair of bowling shoes. The speed of the game is fast, with the ball quickly hitting the pins and there is not much downtime between shots.

300 Bowl is a fun way to play a quick 10 frames without renting an ugly pair of bowling shoes. The speed of the game is fast, with the ball quickly hitting the pins and there is not much downtime between shots.

The sound effects in the game add to 300 Bowls realistic feel, with the sounds of a ball rolling and pins being smashed and scattered. Play alone, against a computerized opponent or play a friend in two player mode, handing the phone off between turns.

This game is ok I enjoy it but not addicted to it like Ms. Pacman or Asphalt 4, But overall I recommend this iPhone App to all bowling gurus and others who enjoy bowling.

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iSlots Video Poker

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Now you can play a Vegas slot machine anywhere and anytime, fits in your pocket and best of all it’s FREE. Dazzling graphics and sound effects make you feel you’re playing the real thing and without the loss of your hard earned money.

See how lucky you really are and win the jackpot. Credits are saved between games so you can play when it suits you and really rack up those credits.

Dazzling graphics and sound effects with options and the ability to reset your starting credit amount.
You can bet one credit at a time than spin reel or max 3 credits and it will auto spin the reel. This iPhone App is pretty simple and basic but very addicting. And best of all it is FREE for the time being. I highly recommend this iPhone Game App, I’m addicted to this game and gamblers will love it.

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Flight Status


Flight Status is a native application for iPhone and iPod Touch that lets you check the status of thousands of flights from all countries around the world. It offers the flight status from thousands of flights from 1143 Airline carriers around the world from 4246 Airports. This includes all passenger carriers from all countries.

You can check the Status of the flights in three ways. 1) By Flight
Number 2) By Route and 3) By Airport. With these three approaches, you
can track pretty much any flight using the application. Flight Status
needs internet connectivity to gather this information. If you are
traveling, roaming charges may apply.

I recently tested Fight Status for my trip to Punta Cana on USA3000 airlines which I was surprised to find such a small airline was still included in the app. I entered my flight # and it pulled up all my flight info with seconds.

I highly recommend this App for everyone especially frequent travelers. This App will help speed up your travel, there will be no need to find arrival or departure monitors in the airports to see if your flight is on time, delayed or even canceled see total flying time from origin to destination. Perfect if your picking up family or friends from the airport.

The latest update includes a ‘Trips’ module that lets you group all flights you track for a trip in a single screen. This way, you can quickly get to the flights of your interest.

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