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Fake Calls Mobile iPhone App
This is just the app you need if you go on a lot of blind dates and find yourself lingering over dinner longer than you’d like to. All you have to do is launch the program by choosing it in the apps menu and your phone will ring within seconds or minutes, according to your specifications. In the background it will show a name or phone number and a wallpaper image you preset to make your call look important. You can choose to either answer the fake call or decline it by touching the appropriate button on the screen. Be sure to pick one of those options or it will just call you continuously at your specified interval.

One problem I had with this app is that it’s not very intuitive. Instead of simply clicking on the button on the apps menu and setting the program up from there, you have to go into the “settings” menu for your entire phone (the one with the gears on it) and then search through your program list for the Fake Calls icon. Then, if you want to change the wallpaper for your fake call, you have to go back to the icon in the apps menu and relaunch the program.
Fake Calls App Reviewed

Another thing that I didn’t like is that you are stuck with a kind of folksy, bluegrass ringtone, which will appear quite suspicious if every other time your phone rings it plays a song by 50 Cent. There doesn’t appear to be any way to turn it off or change it, though you can have the phone vibrate at the same time.

All in all, this is a clever program. I just hope I don’t end up in a situation where I would need to use it.

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