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Digi Drummer App Review                        Digi Drummer App Review

Digi Drummer Music App
The DigiDrummer app is like having a beat machine in your pocket, allowing you to make beats and play them with the most common of drum kit sounds. These include kick drum, snare, various tom-tom sounds and cymbals. To get started, go to patch select in the top right corner of the screen and use the up and down arrows to pick your kit from one of ten options. Then touch your “drums,” which are the eight white circles in the middle of the screen, to make your track. You can then record it and play it back. Just make sure to press record before you start playing.

If you want to go a nontraditional route, you can choose the “crazy” setting. This gives you not only drum sounds but also three different record scratching sounds – perfect for the aspiring iPhone rapper. You can also go to the settings menu, which gives you access to three options. You can choose “fatty thumbs skin” which makes the drums square and a little bit bigger. This was perfect for my boyfriend who has larger fingers. There’s also a volume control and a place to create a beat library by saving your beats permanently after you record them. If you don’t add them to the library the go away after you exit the app.
Digi Drummer iPhone App

This app was fun for me, a tone deaf person, and also for my boyfriend, an amateur drummer. In fact, I had trouble dragging the phone away from him for the purposes of writing this review. His only complaint was that the volume was too quiet, but I think I’ll be thankful for that in the future.

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