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ColorSplash iPhone Photography App Review
This app is by far my favorite Photography app hands down. From the time I downloaded it to my iPhone to begin testing for this review I have taken 213 picture just to play with in this app. I really like what this app has to offer only two things that i wish where added, The ability to send the finished picture through email or upload to flickr or other photo sharing sites from within the app itself.

With that aside this app is wonderful to play with in it’s entirety. Once you have synced this app to your iPhone and click icon you will be giving an option to “take photo” or “Load image” in which you can load image from you camera roll, wallpapers or Photo library. Select you choose to get and image, after image loads it will fade to black & white automatically. You will notice option buttons at the top & bottom of your screen, from left to right across the top your first option will be the menu in here you can start new session, Save Session and Load Sessions. Your next option will give you basic instructions, than there is two buttons similar in shape & size first one will have colored circle and the second will be a red circle, these option allow you to choose between two view modes. The normal view (Left Button) which shows image in part black & white, Part color. The Second mode (Right Button) shows regions that are normally in color tinted in a red. this is done to make it easier see the boundaries between what you want to stay black & white and what you want to re-color.
ColorSplash iPhone App
Your next option will allow you to select from 4 different brushes which very in hard & soft edges, opaque & transparent. With the transparent brush you can partially desaturate parts of your image. The last option across the top allows you to Undo previous brush strokes you done, you have the ability to undo brush strokes all the way back to original image is reached.

Now across the bottom you have a Pan & Zoom option which you don’t really need because you can pinch, squeeze & spread your fingers on the screen as you do for all other app’s to zoom in etc. Now we come to the 2 main options “Color” and “Gray” with these option you can add color back in to a picture with the stroke of your finger tip across the area you want to re-color, If for what ever reason you mess up , change your mind about a colored area by clicking the “Gray” option and stroking your finger over the area you can re-gray an image. By tapping the screen a single time you will put picture in full screen, tapping again returns to work screen, Double tapping screen will switch you options between “Color” or “Gray” at the bottom.

In case I haven`t covered everything about this app remember the second option will give you basic instruction on how to operate app. All in all it is very easy to use & navigate, pretty simple. What I really liked about ColorSlash is the ability to re-color the areas you want to make it stand out with detail while the rest kind of reminds me of being lost in time. I am a total electronic’s nut I have several HD video Cameras, Canon Digital SLR 14 megapixel Camera, Underwater housing for all of them, Webcams, etc… And I honestly had as more fun with this Photography App as if I was working on photo’s in Photshop, using my finger to swipe across the screen as a paint brush is almost effortless. I give this app an A+ I really enjoyed it and highly recommend to all ages.

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