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GPS Navigation App that I use on a regular basis. This Application has helped my more than any other App I have purchased from iTunes App Store, When traveling to the remote western part of Maryland on a atv trip, I found my truck had used more gas than if I where on normal flat roads around my house, So I needed to find gas somewhere and pretty fast. I simply opened The App click on the wrench for services and scrolled down to Gas Stations, Than clicked Where I Am Now and bam there was 5 Gas Stations around me on the map marked with a pin. I clicked the pin of the closest Gas Station and than clicked Direction To Here & That’s it I found the Gas Station and was good to go. I had bought this App just for this trip and boy did it save me, But I find myself using it everyday for one thing or another.

This GPS App works off the Maps Application that is on your iPhone running 2.0 firmware. But it makes it so much easier to find places when using this Application from iTune App Store with a few clicks you can find Businesses, Services, Shopping, Attractions, Government Offices and so much more all in the current location that you are in without having to type in way points, this can be done on the go while driving. Once you have located the place you want to go to simply click get direction to here and the app will give you detailed directions and you can see it on the map.

My Overall Rating of this Navigation Application is Remarkable, I would recommend this App to everyone, I use this in my everyday life to find Businesses, and Services around the location I am in. Well Worth $0.99


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