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Camera Bag iPhone App
Camera bag is an app that lets you apply several different filters to the pictures you take with your iPhone’s camera. It’s like carrying around a bag of lenses without the neck, back and shoulder pain.

There are seven filter options to choose from. I will go over each one.

Helga makes your picture look like it’s an old movie still, blurring the edges and brightening the center of the shot, while Cinema crops your photo into a widescreen format for a more modern look.
Camera Bag App

Lolo again goes old-school, increasing the image’s contrast and making it grainy, like an old Polaroid, complete with the bright white, square-shaped frame. Ansel makes your photo black and white and gives it a white border, perfect for those dreamy nature shots.

Next there are the year applications, named for the era they represent. 1962 ratchets down the contrast and the brightness of the photo, similar to an image in the newspaper, while 1974 takes on more of a sepia tone, giving your pic a retro look.

Lastly, there is Infrared. It makes your image look like it could have been taken with a heat-seeking lens.

You don’t have to choose between the options. You can use view all of them on the same photo simply by moving your finger from side to side on the screen to see each format. Choose one or more to save or delete them all if you wish. If you’re usually proud of your work, you can set up autosave to keep all your images automatically.

I really enjoyed using this application, as did my friend who is a PhotoShop whiz. It’s great for any photography buff, no matter what his or her skill level.

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iTV – Media. My Way.

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iTV iPhone App
TV Guide, eat your heart out. This listing app is a faster and more streamlined way to see what’s available to watch, and of course, it’s much more portable. You create an account, tell the program where you live – or where you’re at currently – and you’ll get a list of network and cable providers in the area. Once you choose the one you’re using, the program will provide you with a list of everything that’s on, including the channel number and the time. The easy to use interface even features network logos, making it a cinch to find the program you’re looking for.

To make your selections even easier, the app allows you to save favorites based on the shows themselves, featured actors, genre, user ratings and more. Not sure about a title you’ve never seen before? You can read what others have to say and possibly see a preview video of the show.
iTV App

And I.TV is not limited to television either. You can look up the movie listings in local theaters too and take advantage of the same search and favorites options as you do for the television listings.

It’s a great app to use if you’re a perpetual channel flipper or if you need an easy way to see what should go on the DVR. Also, it’s perfect for travel. There’s no more hunting for your favorite stations in the hotel’s cable guide.

Note that you cannot view TV shows themselves or record them through this app. It is simply a way to see what is playing.

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Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

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Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?™ 2009 App features all the charm, humor and deceptively difficult questions that made the show a household name.

In the game, players are asked a series of up to eleven questions ranging from subjects like U.S. history, math or social studies. Perform well, and you can work you way to the $1 million question… choke and you’ll be forced to utter the unenviable phrase “I’m not smarter than a 5th grader. chance.

New and improved graphics, An extensive library of over 800 NEW questions covering 12 subjects, Lock in your answer, or “peak”, “copy” and “save” just like on the show except no Jeff Foxworthy.

This is a cool little App and out of the 1000+ Trivia Game Apps on iTunes this one is in my personal top 10 favorites, very entertaining and tuff questions to. I found out a number of times that I wasn`t smarter than a 5th grader.

I also shared this iPhone App with my family over dinner to gather their
thoughts & feeling on this Game, The response was big it was a huge hit the Game is now downloaded on my Girlfriends and our Daughters as well as mine. And my Daughter has won the Million Dollars as for the parents We Are Not Smarter Than A 5th Grader!

This Game is great & I highly recommend it provides hours of entertainment. And the price has dropped to $1.99 from $10.00 I would get this iPhone Game App Now before it goes back up.

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Food IQ

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We all know that it’s a difficult task trying to keep track of what we eat. To be diligent about it and write everything down takes time. If you try and keep a running total in your head, chances are you’re off in your calculations.

Food IQ iPhone App makes it easy to track what you eat from day to day. It comes loaded with a database of over 7,500 foods. Items from grocery stores, fast food restaurants, fruits, vegetables, meats, etc…

Just search using any key word and the results appear instantly. Tap on an item and you are brought to the nutrition page, where you can instantly change the serving size and the nutrition information updates. Recent items are automatically saved and you can add any item to favorites instantly.

New to 2.1 is the ability to add your own custom foods and recipes. Adding a custom food is as simple as clicking ‘custom’ and clicking ‘add.’ Enter as much data as you wish to track for that food and you are done.

On top of that, you can also add any item to your daily meals to keep track of what you have eaten. Once on the nutrition detail page, just choose your serving size and press Eat Me ( just as you would add an item to a recipe). You are then brought to a new page where you can enter the number of servings you’ve had and preview the calories, fat, total carbs, net carbs, and even ww points. Once satisfied, click add and the meal is instantly saved to your daily meals.

Also new to 2.1 is the ability to edit past days and the addition of target calories. You can also set whether your calories or points are displayed on the icon in the iPhone home screen.

This is a very useful App this could be a life changing iPhone App, Again this App was Purchased
strictly for test and review purposes when in reality I am an overweight man who should have bought this App for my own personal use. I mainly eat fast food and boy is it not good for me at all, I used this App for 4 days to test it see all its features and what not. Over those four days I learned all the features of this App as well as the answers to my being over weight. I would that I eating entirely to many calories and greasy fatty foods.

My overall opinion about this Healthcare App is Very Good I think it could help a lot of overweight people as well as people who are in shape and want to continue that. For $1.99 that can help me eat healthier and hopefully lose some weight you can’t go wrong here. I plan to continue using this App and I can thank for purchasing it.

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AP Mobile News Network

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The Mobile News Network, Powered by the Associated Press, helps you keep up-to-date with what’s happening anywhere, in your hometown and across the globe.

Personalize your news to meet your needs. Choose from entertainment, sports, election coverage and finance – all the news at your fingertips. The mobile News Network is the most comprehensive news offering available for the iPhone.

Select local news from your trusted local newspapers and broadcasters and combine it with the best of the Ap`s videos, photo galleries, and national and international coverage.

Even on the go, you won’t miss a story. Read, share, search and save breaking news. it’s local. it’s comprehensive. it’s perfect for the iPhone.

My overall thoughts on this News App is good. I like it and I really like that it is FREE, I travel a lot thought the US and Caribbean and it is pretty awesome that I can always find out what’s going on at home with the Baltimore Ravens and see local events taking place at the destination in which I’m traveling to. This is iPhone App was one of the first five Apps I purchased and is one I use regularly.

So I would recommend this App to News Geeks, The Curious, and pretty much everyone because it is a Good App and it is FREE.

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Grocery IQ

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Save time and money while avoiding the headaches of grocery shopping. Grocery iQ includes all the features you expect from an intuitive and powerful shopping list application.

Share the Load, Why should one person do all the grocery shopping? Our email feature means anyone in the family can do it! Find It Fast Grocery iQ’s grocery search engine contains more than 130,000 items, empowering you to build lists with highly specific entries such as “Extra Crunchy JIF, 12 oz.” instead of “Peanut Butter” with just a few taps. No more calling home to see which item you should buy!

Save Time, Grocery iQ stores your favorite items and shopping history, making list creation quick and accurate. Stop trying to decipher someone else’s handwritten grocery list at the store!

Save Money by not burning gas and time making repeat trips to the store. With Grocery iQ, you’ll never have to hear, “Honey, did you remember to get …” as you walk in the door with an armload of groceries. No more forgotten items!

Stop Wandering the Aisles, Drag and drop categories of grocery items on your iPhone into the order of the aisles of the store you’re shopping. Automatically, your list will re-order itself to match the layout of the store. Now you can walk through the store just one time! No more re-tracing your steps to find that one last item you missed!

To be completely honest with you when I downloaded this App to test for this review I was thinking it was a waste of money. Boy was I wrong, I downloaded it on both my wife and my iPhone 3G expecting a lame test well I find it very helpful no need to write a list and what I thick I like the most is the Aisles order option
this was a big plus for trying to navigate the new Super Walmart in my Town. So All an All I was total
wrong with my first impression of what this app would b

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Record Anything, Anywhere, Record memos, discussions, interviews, and ideas on your iPhone. Use it as a voice recorder or a sound recorder. Record for seconds or hours. Extremely simple one button interface.

Version 4 includes improvements to Wifi Sync, and other fixed bugs. Transfer recordings over wifi (great for large files), Improved Emailing of larger files and other small improvements.

I cant say enough for the improvements it make this App that much cooler. I use this App a lot for work to remember supplies to pick up, work deadlines and so fourth. But this past weekend my family and myself decided to visit Gettysburg, PA for the famous ghost tours, while on the tours I used my iPhone Recorder App as a EVP device trying to capture ghost talking.

This is a pretty neat iPhone App and can really come in handy in a lot of situations for instance going to visit a physic or card reader you can record what they tell to reflect on later, Suppose you think of something important while driving it is harder to write than it is to hit two buttons and start speaking.

The Staff of iTune App reviews finds this App very cool, and you can’t go wrong spending a buck here. This App is very useful and will come in handy I use mine regularly and Highly recommend it to all my readers.  A+ On This App!

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