iBall 3D

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iBall 3D iPhone Game App
This app is like the wooden labyrinth game that was popular several years ago. The board consists of a platform with lots of walls and holes inside the floor. Your task is to guide a marble through the maze all the way to the finish without it falling in. Just like with the actual wooden game, you need to be careful how you tilt the platform (which in this case is your iPhone) because this controls the speed, angle and directions in which the ball moves. Once you beat the level, you are scored depending on how much time it took you to complete it.

Options on the game include the ability to zoom in on the board in order to better navigate turns and tight places. The problem with this is that you can only see a portion of the board and not any upcoming holes, which kind of negates the helpfulness. Another choice is to turn off the background music, which is fairly repetitive and tinny. The sound of the ball rolling is very good, however. It sounds almost like it does in real life.
iBall 3D Game App

Compared to other versions of labyrinth available in the iTunes store, I found the controls to be a little sluggish, making the game especially hard. Also, the ball seems to fall in the holes very easily, instead of slipping by on the edges sometimes as it would in the real life game. I am not especially coordinated on a good day, but this made it all the worse.

I could tell there was another board available that looks like more like a traditional circular labyrinth path and I really would have liked to try it. Problem is, I never could figure out how to get past the first level in this game. It’s great if you’re up for a challenge.

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ESPN Cameraman

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ESPN Cameraman iPhone Game App
This app is an adaptation of the popular game of “spot the differences” created just for sports fans. To play, you view two seemingly identical photos of a professional athlete and you’re tasked with finding the changes made to the second one.

You have a limited amount of time to do this and can watch the time ticking away via a bar at the side of the screen. Most alterations are fairly small, such as a different colored hat or a Nike swoosh taking off of the sleeve of a jersey, making the game fairly difficult and more suitable for adults than children.

Once you find a difference, you simply touch the screen in that spot on either one of the pictures. A circle will appear on both and you’ll get a cheery noise to congratulate you.

Touch an incorrect part of the screen and you get a loud boo and lose a chunk of. Finish the entire level (consisting of five differences) and the imaginary crowd will reward you with thundering applause. Then you get another picture set and the cycle begins again.
ESPN Cameraman Game App

One fun thing about this app is that you get three lifelines in the form of little cameras at the bottom of the screen. If you’re completely stumped select one of them and the app will reveal one of the answers for you. Thanks to the extra help, I was able to reach the second to last level, 72. But after 20 minutes of hunting through photos on the iPhone’s tiny screen I was starting to go a little cross-eyed.

I would recommend this game to sports and puzzle fans. The only complaint I have is that the background music gets a little old, but you can turn it off with the touch of an icon.

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Google Earth

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Google Earth iPhone Travel App
Google Earth for the iPhone is a good complement to its desktop counterpart, but with a few neat additions. Like on the desktop version, you can search for an address and view it from far away or as close as almost street level, seeing an overhead shot of the location as if you were a few feet above the building. Once you’ve zoomed in as far as you can zoom in, you can tilt your phone to change the perspective from front to back to side.

Because of iPhone’s built-in GPS, the app can find your current location. Just click on the icon in the bottom left of the screen. Once you’ve found yourself you can search for local businesses and get their locations marked by icons. Just click on the magnifying glass in the top left corner and type in what you’re looking for. Though you can’t get a map or directions, the app will display the address and phone number and a link to the company’s website.
Google Earth Travel App

If nothing else, this is just a cool way to look at your surroundings, and it does have some practical use as well. However, it seems the functionality is a bit too overwhelming for the iPhone. It takes several seconds to load most pages, and the app crashed several times while I was using it. Hopefully this will be fixed in a later update. Currently, this sluggishness would prevent me from using it too often.

But for the price – free – Google Earth is a great app. It’s fun to get a view of your house or numerous destinations around the globe in a view few other programs can offer.

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Everest Hidden Expedition

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Everest Hidden Expedition iPhone App
This app is like a Where’s Waldo book put into a jungle setting. You compete against three other teams to find hidden items, like marbles, lizards and cheese, that are superimposed on images of temples, trees and tombs. (You never actually see them competing, but after you finish each level you can see what place you’re in – though there is a noticeable lack of a numeric score.) When you spy one of the things on the list the app provides, simply touch it with your fingertip and it disappears and is checked off. You also get a delightful tone to tell you that you did a good job.

However, touch something you’re not supposed to and you get a negative buzz. Plus, the other teams will start to catch up. You have to be extra careful because the intricate images are hard to search through on the small screen and there are lots of extra hidden items in the picture as well. Turning the phone so they appear in landscape view will make your life a lot easier. Then you can scroll up and down with your finger to see the entire image.

Because this game has few effects besides the background music of nature sounds and a lot of times you have to search through the same picture more than once, it was not enough to keep my interest for very long. And I really would have liked some points so I could compete against my friends. But if you’re really into visual puzzles you will no doubt find it very enjoyable.

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iFish iPhone App
This app is a good substitute for the temporary escape that comes with that weekend fishing trip. You choose your location from many different areas in Europe, as well as less exotic locations like Pennsylvania and Oklahoma, and you’re greeted with a picturesque scene and sounds of nature in the background.

Grab your iPhone, hold it horizontally and make a forward motion with your wrist to cast your line. Then wait until your phone vibrates to tell you you’ve got a nibble. Jerk the phone to pull back on your rod and a lever will appear on your screen. You must move it in a circular motion to reel in your catch using the touch screen function. The directions will tell you to reel fast or reel slowly. Follow them exactly or it will slip away. Reel successfully and you get an image of your fish, complete with size and type, to put in your virtual bucket.
iFish App

My favorite part was the casting since it has a realistic sound that makes it seem like you could really be at the lake. And the arc and speed of your arm will determine how far your line goes out. Reeling in is somewhat difficult though, especially if you have a big fish at the end of your line. I spent five minutes working on one of my catches before finally letting it escape due to arm fatigue. It is also hard to do if you have big fingers, since the lever is only about half an inch long.

Though I finished my trip with only a sunfish weighing less than a pound in my bucket (you are allowed to throw back a puny catch such as this one), I thought this program was a good simulator and worth giving a try.

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Ambiance – Ambient Sound App

Ambianceicon                     Ambianceicon

Ambiance, The perfect iPhone App for noisy Airports, reading in crowded coffee shops or Packed Subways. Ambiance now offers 45 different Ambient sounds to help you fall asleep, drowned out loud distracting noise around you so you can concentrate on whatever it is you may be doing.

With this particular App some of the sounds even with volume all the way up are hard to here, so I did all my review testing using my headphone which I believe is the only way to use Ambiance. I did several tests from falling asleep to riding the Subway this morning to the SBA Offices and found this App is pretty cool and effective even though it is such a plain simple Application.

I found it quite remarkable that listening to birds cherpping could relax me yet allow me to concentrate on filling out the forms I needed to and be completely unaware of any surrounding noise.

Ambiance allows you to set a timer so it will automaticlly shut off after a certain time. You can adjust volume levels, Show front controls, Set alarms or to just go quite after timer ends, you have the option to delete any sound and customize the sounds in the playlist and choose weather to fade volume or not at timers end..

My overall thoughts and rating in Good, I would recommend this iPhone App to anyone who works around machinery or loud offices, riders on the subway, and anyone that deals with loud places to consider Abiance at $.99 it wont break your pocket and it is worth a buck for sure.

Happy Sleeping And Reading To All Who Purchase This App! Purchase This App!

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300 Bowl

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Bowl is the only true bowling simulation with a realistic view of the
bowling alley. Use your finger to toss the ball down the lane. Give it a curve or toss it straight and true, its all up to you.

Unparalleled sound and graphics, you feel as though you are in your own personal lane.

300 Bowl is a fun way to play a quick 10 frames without renting an ugly pair of bowling shoes. The speed of the game is fast, with the ball quickly hitting the pins and there is not much downtime between shots.

300 Bowl is a fun way to play a quick 10 frames without renting an ugly pair of bowling shoes. The speed of the game is fast, with the ball quickly hitting the pins and there is not much downtime between shots.

The sound effects in the game add to 300 Bowls realistic feel, with the sounds of a ball rolling and pins being smashed and scattered. Play alone, against a computerized opponent or play a friend in two player mode, handing the phone off between turns.

This game is ok I enjoy it but not addicted to it like Ms. Pacman or Asphalt 4, But overall I recommend this iPhone App to all bowling gurus and others who enjoy bowling.

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iSlots Video Poker

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Now you can play a Vegas slot machine anywhere and anytime, fits in your pocket and best of all it’s FREE. Dazzling graphics and sound effects make you feel you’re playing the real thing and without the loss of your hard earned money.

See how lucky you really are and win the jackpot. Credits are saved between games so you can play when it suits you and really rack up those credits.

Dazzling graphics and sound effects with options and the ability to reset your starting credit amount.
You can bet one credit at a time than spin reel or max 3 credits and it will auto spin the reel. This iPhone App is pretty simple and basic but very addicting. And best of all it is FREE for the time being. I highly recommend this iPhone Game App, I’m addicted to this game and gamblers will love it.

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