Done Drinking

Done Drinking App Reviewed                        Done Drinking iPhone App

Done Drinking iPhone Game App Review
This app reminded me of one of those lessons in sobriety you get in high school. You know; if you drink, your motor skills will be impaired. Luckily, the character in this game, dubbed “Tipsy” is only walking down an alley and is not behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

The object for the iPhone user is to keep this sloppy guy, with his unbuttoned shirt, untucked tie and final bottle of booze, from falling down and going to sleep in the road before he makes it home. You do this by tilting the phone left and right to compensate for his leaning or by touching the right and left arrows with your thumbs accordingly. The app measures how long you keep Tipsy upright, with the highest scores going on the appropriately named “Walk of Fame.”

Done Drinking iPhone Game App
What I liked best about this app was actually the menu page. The logo for the game sways when you move your iPhone while you’re browsing to make a selection. There are a couple of preferences available. You can turn the music and sound on or off and you can change Tipsy’s walking distance from feet to meters if you’d like him to be drunk outside of the U.S.

The graphics on this game are good, even providing our fearless walker with fire hydrants and pieces of trash to stumble over. However, after about five minutes of watching a drunk cartoon man sway as I tried to steady my hands I began to feel a bit tipsy myself.

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iKoto 2

iKoto App Review                        iKoto iPhone App Reviews

This app lets you play a traditional Japanese string harp by “plucking” the strings with your fingers. It opens with a lovely intro screen of falling cherry blossoms. Then you touch the screen to get started. If you want to play an individual string, you simply tap it, or you can glide your finger down across more than one make a chord.
iKoto Music iPhone App

After you’ve become a master musician, you can start recording your symphonies by touching the musical note icon at the bottom right of the screen, selecting a recording number and then touching the icon with the black circle on it to start taping, so to speak. If you turn out not to be so good, don’t worry. You can also play preinstalled music by touching the musical note icon and picking one of the songs listed under demo play and then touching the play arrow. Just tell your friends that you recorded the song yesterday.

Those who want a little different sound can change the tone scale. There are 11 options that give you an array of pitches. The names are related to actual Koto instruments, so it is pretty much trial and error for anyone not familiar with them. There are also options to turn the string numbers on or off as well as the pitch bend.

This app can be a little tricky to get the hang of at first, but the help menu is your friend. Just touch the icon at the very bottom of the icon list (the circle with the white center) and you’ll be on your way to annoying – I mean, entertaining – your friends and neighbors in no time.

iKoto Music iPhone App Reviewed iKoto App Reviews iKoto iPhone App Screen Shots

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Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Peanut Butter Jelly Time App Review                        Peanut Butter Jelly Time iPhone App Reviews

No matter how bad of a day you’ve had, this app will surely put a smile on your face. It has an incredibly pixilated banana with arms, legs, eyes and a winning grin getting down with his bad self, kicking his feet and moving his arms up and down. He’s doing something similar to what my friends and I used to call the “idiot dance,” which we attributed to people at clubs that had absolutely no rhythm.
Peanut Butter Jelly Time iPhone App

When I first launched the app it didn’t seem to do much else, just the dancing fruit alone, but then the song started in when I touched the screen: “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time” by my favorite unknown band, the Buckwheat Boys. I also noticed that the song’s title is at the bottom of my iPhone’s screen, though it pretty much covered up by the feet of the banana man. You can restart the song by touching the screen again or by shaking the phone to make some mad beats. No matter what you do, the dancing never changes.

I’d have to say I’m glad this app is free, but my boyfriend absolutely loved it. In fact he already had “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time” as one of his ringtones so this was just the icing on the cake. It’s sure to be a hit at parties and on college campuses, and I’ll probably launch it every once in a while when I’m having a bad day or on the phone with an annoying telemarketer.

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Space Deadbeef

Space Deadbeef Game App Review                        Space Deadbeef iPhone App Reviews

Space Deadbeef iPhone Game App
This app is a lot like R-Type on the NES. You navigate your airship through fields of enemies while the screen constantly scrolls. The further you advance in a level, the harder and faster the other ships get and at the end you have to beat a powerful level boss.
Space Deadbeef iPhone App

There are three different weapons you can use to shoot your enemies: regular bullets, which you use by touching the screen with your left thumb, more powerful bullets you get if you hold that left thumb down until the power gauge on the top left runs down all the way and targeted missiles. To use the targeted missiles, you have to touch your targets with your right thumb until they have a blue circle around them. Some enemies cannot be killed with a single shot alone, so it’s important to plan your attacks accordingly or at least shoot off a lot of bullets in a short period of time.

At first I thought this game would be pretty dull, with its unchanging cloud background and frankly irritating sound of high pitched gun noises. However, I found it to be pretty addictive. Not only do you have to shoot your enemies, but you have to dodge them, and their guns, at the same time. I found beating the first boss, which looked like a cross between a caterpillar and a snake, to be pretty exciting. And I love that it has a continue feature so you don’t have to start all over every time you play, though you can only save one game at a time though. Be careful when you play this game as it can be engrossing.

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Road Trip Lite

Road TriLite Utilities App Review                        Road Trip Lite iPhone App Reviews

Road Trip Lite iPhone Utilities App
This app can be a pretty important tool in today’s economy. It allows you to set car profiles and then chart your gas usage to give you a good idea of how your vehicle is running and how many miles per gallon you are getting.
To enter your vehicle touch preferences at the bottom right of the screen. Then you can type in its name and choose units for the odometer and for gas depending on your country. Once that’s done just touch fuel every time you go to the gas station. There you can enter the date, the odometer reading and the price you paid per gallon. You can even mark if you were filling the tank or just topping it off.
Road Trip Lite iPhone App

The piece de resistance is the statistics icon, also at the bottom of the home screen. After you’ve got numbers for a couple trips to the gas station, you can see how your vehicle is doing overall. You’ll see both your average MPG as a numerical value and be able to further gauge its trend by looking at the app’s line graph. If it’s going down, you can take steps to remedy it, like finally checking your tire pressure. You’ll also see the same for the average price of the gas you’ve been buying.

I was a little disappointed that you can’t enter multiple vehicles to see how your hybrid compares to your Hummer, but that option is available in the full, paid version. It also allows you to keep maintenance records and write other notes.

The free version is still pretty helpful though and it’s easier than keeping this info on a notepad in your glove box.

Road Trip Lite iPhone App Reviewed Road Trip Lite App Reviews Road Trip Lite iPhone App Screen Shots

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Pull My Finger

Pull My Finger Entertainment App Review                        Pull My Finger iPhone App Reviews

Pull My Finger iPhone Entertainment App
Oh, where would we be without such wonderful apps as Pull My Finger? We would never know what the farts of Bigfoot or Igor the lab assistant sound like. Luckily, this app has arrived to satisfy our curiosity.

In addition to Bigfoot and Igor, there are 16 more fart types that you can choose from, including a business man and an opera singer. Just touch the image to get the persona you like, then touch the screen anywhere (though it’s most fun to pretend to really pull the finger) and you’ll get a fart noise and your phone will vibrate at the same time.
Pull My Finger iPhone App

Can’t wait to get to the next farter? Don’t worry. Just touch the fingers pointing left and right at the bottom of the screen to go forward or backward. Push the down finger to get back to the home screen. If you want to hear all the farts at once, in some kind of symphony of flatulence, choose chorus. It’s sure to be a hit at any frat party. Just be aware, the chorus doesn’t stop on its own. It will continue to play until you turn it off, even if your phone goes into standby mode.

I actually liked this app more than I thought I would. The cartoonish pictures are pretty darn funny and the fart noises are at least somewhat interesting in their variety. Too bad you can’t activate the app remotely and stick your iPhone under someone’s chair during a boring business meeting.

Pull My Finger iPhone App Reviewed Pull My Finger App Reviews Pull My Finger iPhone App Screen Shots

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Image Touch

Image Touch Photography App Review                        Image Touch iPhone App Reviews

Image Touch iPhone Photography App
This app allows you to make photo collages from images on your iPhone that look similar to scrapbooking pages, only smaller. You can either use images you’ve taken using your iPhone or images you have synched to your iPhone from other sources.

Adding images to your collage is easy. All you have to do is select one from your camera roll of photo library. Then you can use the pinching gestures we’ve all come to love to shrink or enlarge the image. You can also rotate the image in whatever direction you’d like by twisting your fingers.
Image Touch iPhone App

The program has some default shapes you can use to spruce up your collage. Currently they have summer and winter holidays (palm trees, suns, snowmen, candy canes, etc.) and feelings (hearts, tear drop roses, light bulbs, other items to add tone to your images). Once you’ve selected a piece of clip art, just touch the screen to put it where you’d like it to go. Tap the screen again to place more than one. Just be careful or your screen will quickly fill with dozens of candy canes before you realize.

Holding your finger down on the photo allows you to add effects to the photo, specifically borders and shadows. Holding your finger down on the background allows you to change the color to one of 24 defaults.

Once you’re done with your collage, you can save it to your image library and even email it to anyone in your contacts list. This was a fun app that did what was advertised. I would like to see more clip art to add to collages as well as more custom backgrounds, but it is definitely a great start.

Image Touch iPhone Photography App Image Touch iPhone App Reviews Image Touch iPhone App Screen Shots

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Pocket Cocktails

Pocket Cocktails Lifestyle App Review                        Pocket Cocktails App Reviews

Pocket Cocktails Lifestyle App
This drink recipe app is definitely one of my favorites of the genre. It caught my eye immediately with its bright colors and retro graphics and font. Another thing that sets it apart is that it offers a representative image of every single drink in the catalog. This gives you a good idea of what your drink should look like and makes it easier to decide what you want. (I know I’m not the only one out there that likes pretty or unique looking beverages.)

To use the app, simply touch the type of drink you want. Categories include martinis, classics, summer, tropical, creamy, shooters, warmers (i.e., coffee and tea drinks) and mocktails (nonalcoholic drinks for the kids and other nondrinkers). You can also choose random at the bottom of your screen or go to search if you have a specific name in mind. The random option allows you to shake the phone and get a new drink each time, complete with a realistic pouring sound.
Pocket Cocktails iPhone App

No matter which method you choose to find your drink, all you have to do is touch the image to get an ingredients list and prep instructions. The instructions are very straightforward and pretty easy for any amateur bartender to follow. Just remember, if your drink looks nothing like the picture, you’re probably doing something wrong. Best to check your ingredients list and start again.

Once you’ve found a drink you love, touch the plus sign on the top right of the screen to add it to your list. Then all you need to do to find it again is touch the olive on the home screen (yes, the olive).

Pocket Cocktails iPhone Lifestyle App Pocket Cocktails iPhone App Reviews Pocket Cocktails iPhone App Screen Shots

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iDayz Lifestyle App Review                        iDayz App Reviews

iDayz Lifestyle App
This is a great app for those people that cannot remember birthdays and anniversaries to save their lives. It can keep track of this important info for each person in your contact list. You can sort by date, showing last week, yesterday, today, tomorrow and upcoming; sort by age, assuming you have birth dates in your contacts; sort by type, meaning birthday or anniversary; and of course sort by name.

When you touch a date of interest, you get your contact’s picture, how much time there is until the big day and even some extra information. For birthdays, you get the traditional zodiac sign, the Chinese zodiac, the birthstone and the flower. For anniversaries you get the traditional gift for each milestone years as well as the amount of time the person has been married.
iDayz iPhone App

For even more help with recognizing important dates, you can select celebrate by touching the star icon at the bottom of the screen. It gives you the option to email or text the contact or send an e-card or gift through

Once you have iDayz, you won’t need to worry about getting dirty looks from friends or relatives when you forget, again, that it is their birthday. And you won’t have to run around at the last minute looking for a gift, well, unless you forget to check iDayz too. Just give it a quick run-through every week or so and you’ll be likely to keep on track.

The lists are easy to find and scroll through, with convenient tabs on the top of the screen. To add new dates to your repertoire, simply add them to people’s profiles in your iPhone’s contact list. The app will update automatically.

iDayz iPhone Lifestyle App iDayz iPhone App Reviews iDayz iPhone App Screen Shots

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The Prices Right

The Prices Right App Review                        The Prices Right App Review

The Prices Right Game App
My mom used to watch the Price Is Right every afternoon when I was growing up, so this app was a true blast from the past. All that’s missing is Bob Barker. When you start playing you can pick from two modes. There’s classic, which is exactly like the show. You have six chances to advance from contestant’s row by getting closest to the price of the product displayed without going over. It’s harder than you might think, since the computer players can be pretty crafty. Once you’ve gotten past that hurdle, you advance to a random pricing game, such as Plinko or Range Game.

Whether you win or lose that game, you still make it to the Big Wheel. There you spin against the computer players to see who gets the highest roll, up to one dollar. (Unfortunately the computer players have a penchant of getting a perfect spin.) Finally, you go to the Showcase Showdown, where you bid on a package of several related prizes. Again, you try to get the closest price without overbidding.
The Prices Right iPhone App

If you have trouble getting past contestant’s row and are ready to give up on the game altogether, don’t. Just switch to three strikes mode. You keep going until you lose three games in a row, such as the row, the pricing game and the wheel.

The app also has a party mode where you can challenge up to three other players while sharing the same iPhone. This works fine until you reach the Showcase Showdown. It can be hard to look off of one phone when it comes time to view the products and bid. There’s also an option to unlock pricing games individually for practice by completing specific “challenges” like getting certain scores during regular play.

My favorite thing about this app was the campiness. It has a faux cheery vibe reminiscent of most 1980s game shows. The videos of actual products also gave a vein of realism to it, although the descriptions could run long. Since there’s a lot going on in this app, it does tend to lock up. Hopefully this glitch can be fixed in the next upgrade.

The Prices Right iPhone Game App The Prices Right iPhone App Reviews The Prices Right iPhone App Screen Shots

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