Cardstar App Reviewed Cardstar iPhone App

Cardstar iPhone Game App Review
Now that every store, gas station and other company under the sun has some form of card they want you to scan at each visit, Cardstar is definitely a welcome addition to the iTunes store. This app is exactly what I was looking for as far as saving space in my wallet and on my keychain. In fact I had tried to do the same thing on my own by taking pictures of my club cards for and storing them in my phone only to find out that it didn’t really work.

With Cardstar, instead of actually photographing the cards, you can pick the cards, such as for Blockbuster, CVS, Safeway, etc., from their database and just put in your membership number. The app then generates the barcode from your number in a hi-res picture that scans quite nicely. You can also choose other options, such as width of the barcode, by selecting advanced from the bottom of the screen. Add new cards by searching by category according to the type of store. Or, if you don’t see the merchant listed, add it yourself by selecting other and typing it in.

Cardstar iPhone App
Thanks to this app, my wallet has become less cumbersome to carry and use. I am very pleased with how well it creates the bar codes and have had great success using it. I would recommend this to anyone who has a lot of those credit card size cards, which would probably be everyone in America. Store employees may look at you a little funny at first, but soon they’ll be asking you where they too can get their hands on the app.

Cardstar iPhone App Reviewed Cardstar Reviews

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Banner Deluxe

Banner Deluxe App Reviewed                        Banner Deluxe iPhone App

Banner Deluxe iPhone Game App Review
This app is for the iPhone user that is into art for art’s sake or likes experimenting with words. It allows you to create a banner that will scroll across your iPhone’s screen. However, unlike traditional banner programs that simply let you choose the text, font and color, this one has a variety of themes, backdrops and textures. Backdrops appear behind the text while textures appear on the letters themselves. Themes are basically backdrops and texture combinations that are already in the program. You can either use these or pair them together individually. Two of my favorite patterns, which can be used for either backdrops, textures or both, are an image of what looks like an apartment complex and a picture of the daytime sky.

There is also a large list of fonts you can use, which you scroll through in the slot machine format made famous by the Urban Spoon app. There are over 30 fonts available, plus different sizes, stroke widths and either a matte or glossy reflection.

Banner Deluxe iPhone App
To input your text, simply touch the text button on the bottom of the screen. Then push play at the top left to display it rolling across your phone’s screen. Touch the screen again to exit the banner and go back into the program.

This app would be good for someone who works a lot of trade shows as you could set your iPhone up on a stand and scroll a message for visitors. I myself found it interesting to see how each font looked on different backgrounds and may use it as a tool to test out advertisements. This may not be the most interesting app for the average user but it definitely caters well to a niche audience.

Banner Deluxe iPhone App Reviewed Banner Deluxe Reviews

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Pocket Cocktails

Pocket Cocktails Lifestyle App Review                        Pocket Cocktails App Reviews

Pocket Cocktails Lifestyle App
This drink recipe app is definitely one of my favorites of the genre. It caught my eye immediately with its bright colors and retro graphics and font. Another thing that sets it apart is that it offers a representative image of every single drink in the catalog. This gives you a good idea of what your drink should look like and makes it easier to decide what you want. (I know I’m not the only one out there that likes pretty or unique looking beverages.)

To use the app, simply touch the type of drink you want. Categories include martinis, classics, summer, tropical, creamy, shooters, warmers (i.e., coffee and tea drinks) and mocktails (nonalcoholic drinks for the kids and other nondrinkers). You can also choose random at the bottom of your screen or go to search if you have a specific name in mind. The random option allows you to shake the phone and get a new drink each time, complete with a realistic pouring sound.
Pocket Cocktails iPhone App

No matter which method you choose to find your drink, all you have to do is touch the image to get an ingredients list and prep instructions. The instructions are very straightforward and pretty easy for any amateur bartender to follow. Just remember, if your drink looks nothing like the picture, you’re probably doing something wrong. Best to check your ingredients list and start again.

Once you’ve found a drink you love, touch the plus sign on the top right of the screen to add it to your list. Then all you need to do to find it again is touch the olive on the home screen (yes, the olive).

Pocket Cocktails iPhone Lifestyle App Pocket Cocktails iPhone App Reviews Pocket Cocktails iPhone App Screen Shots

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iDayz Lifestyle App Review                        iDayz App Reviews

iDayz Lifestyle App
This is a great app for those people that cannot remember birthdays and anniversaries to save their lives. It can keep track of this important info for each person in your contact list. You can sort by date, showing last week, yesterday, today, tomorrow and upcoming; sort by age, assuming you have birth dates in your contacts; sort by type, meaning birthday or anniversary; and of course sort by name.

When you touch a date of interest, you get your contact’s picture, how much time there is until the big day and even some extra information. For birthdays, you get the traditional zodiac sign, the Chinese zodiac, the birthstone and the flower. For anniversaries you get the traditional gift for each milestone years as well as the amount of time the person has been married.
iDayz iPhone App

For even more help with recognizing important dates, you can select celebrate by touching the star icon at the bottom of the screen. It gives you the option to email or text the contact or send an e-card or gift through

Once you have iDayz, you won’t need to worry about getting dirty looks from friends or relatives when you forget, again, that it is their birthday. And you won’t have to run around at the last minute looking for a gift, well, unless you forget to check iDayz too. Just give it a quick run-through every week or so and you’ll be likely to keep on track.

The lists are easy to find and scroll through, with convenient tabs on the top of the screen. To add new dates to your repertoire, simply add them to people’s profiles in your iPhone’s contact list. The app will update automatically.

iDayz iPhone Lifestyle App iDayz iPhone App Reviews iDayz iPhone App Screen Shots

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Amazon Mobile

Amazon Mobile App Review                        Amazon Mobile App Review

Amazon Mobile App
This app is like having in the palm of your hand, with all of the same options and interface you’re used to when you log in on your PC. You can even use your username and password from your traditional account instead of making a new one just for your iPhone.

From this account you can turn on one click ordering by choosing an address and credit card, track packages, cancel orders, look at your wish list, search the store and of course make purchases. It keeps your login information stored so you don’t have to type it in each time. (You also have the option to sign out and log in as someone else.) It also gives you a front page based on the stuff for your wish list, which you may see as a good or bad thing, depending on your willpower.
Amazon Mobile iPhone App

There’s also the option to use a new feature on Amazon called Amazon Remembers by choosing the remembers icon at the bottom of your screen. With this option, you take a picture of any item with your iPhone’s camera and the staff at Amazon will email if they can find a matching product. I took a picture and it seemed to go through, but the jury’s still out on whether I’ll hear back from Amazon about it. Either way, it’s an interesting concept.

One thing I do find lacking in this app is the ability to narrow your search. Though you can sort your results by category, you can’t use some of the more refined options, like finding only items that qualify for Super Saver Shipping. It can also be hard on the eyes to have to scroll through a long page of results. I’d recommend using the Amazon app only if you don’t have access to the real thing on a PC.

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5800+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes

5800 Drinks App Review                        5800 Drinks App Review

5800 Drinks Lifestyle App
Who needs a bartending book when you’ve got this handy iPhone app? Not only does it have more recipes than you’re likely to find in the typical tome on mixology, it’s also easier to carry around with you or bring to a friend’s party. With thousands of drinks in the database, you’ll be thankful that you can sort drinks by categories, such as beer, cocktails or shots. Otherwise, you just get the entire list in alphabetical order. You can find anything from the typical fuzzy navel recipe to how to make your own Kahlua knockoff using vanilla extract, chocolate syrup and a few other choice ingredients.

Touch a drink’s name to get the recipe. All recipes have checkboxes by each ingredient so that you can mark them off as you add them to the mix. However, some have lists that are too long for the app’s template so you have to guess at the last few. Below the list there are detailed instructions on how to mix them together properly.
5800 Drinks iPhone App

Don’t want to navigate through the recipes or just have no clue what you want to drink, you can touch the random drink button at the bottom of the screen. How else would you introduce yourself to, for instance, the velvet tongue? Not too keen on trying that one? Touch the top left to get a new randomized choice. You can also touch the yellow star to save a recipe to your favorites list.

Overall, I liked this app. It makes for a great cheat sheet for anyone working behind the bar. The only thing I think was missing was the opportunity to search by ingredient. This would help those people who have a favorite mixed drink but just can’t remember the name of it.

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YP Mobile

YP Mobile App Review                        YP Mobile iPhone App Review

YP Mobile iPhone Lifestyle App
This app is perfect for letting your fingers do the walking. It offers you the option to search for businesses or events in your area by finding your location using the iPhone’s GPS. You can also find both in other areas by typing in a new city or state in the search box. Sort your results by distance or more popular by touching the tab at the top of the screen. There’s also a tab labeled “sponsored,” which I assume gives you the links that are subsidized by the companies listed.

Once you have the business or event you were looking for up on the screen, you can either save it to favorites or add it to an upcoming plans list by touching the plus sign on the bottom of the screen. Or, you can email it to yourself or a friend by touching the envelope icon.
YP Mobile iPhone App

My favorite thing about this app is the “my plans” section. It’s an easy way to figure out your schedule and save it so you can copy it to your datebook or PDA at a later time. The events listing are also pretty cool. It features sports, concerts, book signings, museum exhibits and even happenings at local health clubs. It’s a lot more convenient than searching randomly online and more portable than the local paper.

I would recommend this app to anyone who is searching for places to go or things to do in their local area. And it’s also good if you need to look for say a plumber or a Chinese restaurant.

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Sonic Lighter

Sonic Lighter App Review                        Sonic Lighter iPhone App

Sonic Lighter iPhone App
Gone are the days of holding up your lighter at rock concerts, not to mention the fire hazards. Now you only need your iPhone and this nifty little app. It presents a graphical rendition of a the flint of a lighter on the screen. Just flick it by moving your finger downward and a flame appears. (Move your finger upward and you see sparks but nothing else ever happens.)

Once you have your flame, you can move the iPhone around and have the lighter “interact” with the sides of your iPhone by sizzling and setting off “smoke.” It’s a good way to pretend to damage your phone when it is getting on your nerves.
Sonic Lighter Lifestyle iPhone App

Another thing you can do is hold down the valve of the lighter causing a flame thrower like effect. Or use wind effects (which are on by default but can be turned off) to effect the state of the flame by blowing into the mic. Just don’t blow too hard or, naturally, you’ll extinguish it.

Like with many other iPhone apps, you can use the pinch/pull gestures to affect the size of the flame or just put your finger in it and play around – splitting and breaking it without the risk of burning yourself.

There is also an option to set it to show a normal flame, a blue Obama flame or a red McCain flame. Then you can view a worldwide map of other users around the world and what flame they have chosen. The manufacturer added a note saying you can still use the colors now after the election. This is great since I think the blue flame just looks really cool.

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160,000 Recipes BigOven

Big Oven Recipes iPhone App Review                        Big Oven iPhone App
Big Oven Recipes Mobile iPhone App
This app is not much to look at, but it sure has a lot of information. It’s basically a huge database of recipes uploaded by members of the Big Oven websiste. To test out the app, I did a search for “chocolate.” (It’s easy to do. Just click on the search box at the top of the screen.) I was brought to a page with the history of chocolate, how it’s made and a summary of the different types available. I was then able to look for recipes with chocolate in them and got a list of 225, most complete with step by step directions, photos and ratings. There’s even a glossary to help those that aren’t as culinarily inclined.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to comb through the database every time you want to find a recipe. If you click on the “email” link at the bottom of one of them, you can send it to a friend – or yourself. Plus, if you set up a free account and log in, you can mark recipes as favorites by pushing the heart button at the top of the screen, or you can touch the check box next to it to put them in your “try soon queue.”
Big Oven Recipes App Reviewed

A good thing to remember is that the “H” button takes you back to the home page. I kept pushing the back arrow and accidentally logging myself out of the app altogether.

I never thought I would need my iPhone in the kitchen, but I have found myself happily mistaken. Using this app is better than lugging around a cookbook any day. The best thing is you can type in the ingredients you have in the fridge, one after the other, and it give you ideas of what you can make with your leftovers.

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Grocery IQ

Face Meltericon                     icon

Save time and money while avoiding the headaches of grocery shopping. Grocery iQ includes all the features you expect from an intuitive and powerful shopping list application.

Share the Load, Why should one person do all the grocery shopping? Our email feature means anyone in the family can do it! Find It Fast Grocery iQ’s grocery search engine contains more than 130,000 items, empowering you to build lists with highly specific entries such as “Extra Crunchy JIF, 12 oz.” instead of “Peanut Butter” with just a few taps. No more calling home to see which item you should buy!

Save Time, Grocery iQ stores your favorite items and shopping history, making list creation quick and accurate. Stop trying to decipher someone else’s handwritten grocery list at the store!

Save Money by not burning gas and time making repeat trips to the store. With Grocery iQ, you’ll never have to hear, “Honey, did you remember to get …” as you walk in the door with an armload of groceries. No more forgotten items!

Stop Wandering the Aisles, Drag and drop categories of grocery items on your iPhone into the order of the aisles of the store you’re shopping. Automatically, your list will re-order itself to match the layout of the store. Now you can walk through the store just one time! No more re-tracing your steps to find that one last item you missed!

To be completely honest with you when I downloaded this App to test for this review I was thinking it was a waste of money. Boy was I wrong, I downloaded it on both my wife and my iPhone 3G expecting a lame test well I find it very helpful no need to write a list and what I thick I like the most is the Aisles order option
this was a big plus for trying to navigate the new Super Walmart in my Town. So All an All I was total
wrong with my first impression of what this app would b

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