FlightControl Game App Reviewed    FlightControl iPhone App

FlightControl iPhone Game App Review
Game apps are the most popular in the iTune App Store and flightControl which was released Feb has found it’s way a top the most popular paid for apps quite an accomplishment. Once I downloaded this app and synced to my iPhone to begin playing I was a little tuned off by the 50′s style graphics and music. Could have made them a tad bit more modern.

Dispute my disappointment with the audio and graphics I still found this app to be quite entertaining and addicting. After it loads you will find yourself at the main screen with four options, Credits information about the developers than is Tutorials which is basically screen shots with text on them explaining how to play this app next will be Stats here you can view High Score, Average Score, Most Aircraft On Screen & Total Aircrafts Landed your last option is Play.
FlightControl iPhone App
Once you hit play you’ll notice the airport in the center right of the screen and within seconds you’ll notice red circles with white exclamation Marks appearing on the edges of the screen which will mark the area where an airplane will be entering your screen. Their is three types of airplanes and A helicopter you have to land. Their will be two types of red airplanes these are the biggest ones in the game one is a bit bigger and faster than the other and than you have a small yellow airplane and blue helicopter. Both red planes you’ll need to land on the long straight runway that is outlined in red, the small yellow plane will need to be landed on the small runway out lined in yellow that comes out on an angle towards the bottom of the screen. The Helicopters you will land on the blue circle with the H in the center of it.

To guide the aircraft to to correct runway to land you will need to tap the aircraft your trying to land and drag your finger in the path you want the aircraft to go to land if you have successfully made a path for the aircraft to land the aircraft will change colors to white indicating a successful landing path. Be careful not to allow aircrafts to get to close as they will crash and game will be over. If aircrafts get to close and you think there goning to crash simply tap the aircraft you want to control and drag your finger in the new direction you want aircraft to fly in.

It can really get jammed up with aircraft in a hurry and one crash it is all over, My high score is 67 aircraft landed not sure if that is good or not but I played abut 70 times before I got that score so I founded it to be challenging which is always good in a game and for $0.99 it is a deal I have lost more change in my couch in the past 2 days.

FlightControl iPhone App Reviewed FlightControl Reviews FlightControl Screen Shots

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Monster Truck Nitro

Monster Truck Nitro Game App Reviewed Monster Truck Nitro iPhone App

Monster Truck Nitro iPhone Game App Review
As I started this app the graphics are so far ok not bad there are three options to choose from Race, Settings & Instructions.
Under settings you have control over master volume as well as music volume which I turned down after testing for 2 hours last night. From hit back to main menu I than selected instructions which give you basic game play instructions next option controls and finally credits, the who’s who behind this app.

Now after getting a brief overview of this app we are ready to play. Once you select Race you come to the next screen to select a track only a few select tracks are open to race while the others remain locked until you qualify in the top three in the previous race to unlock the next track in line. Each Track gets hard to complete, I found the loop track the seventh one to be the most difficult out of the eight tracks. You have two styles of trucks to choose the first is more modern and reminds me of a the newer Cadillac’s in the front with big rear exhaust pipes while they other truck resembles an older style ford truck with flames.
Monster Truck Nitro iPhone App
While I didn’t dislike this game, The game play is very limited, no steering your truck stays in a straight line throughout the race you use the motion technology on the iPhone to rotate which cause the truck to come back even as far as a wheelie to set up a launch off of jumps and than rotate forward to land your truck. Along the track there are nitro bottle that cause a speed burst as you run them over, In the lower left corner you have your brake, In the lower right corner you will find your gas peddle as well as a cruise control button that can be activated by tapping it on/off.

At $1.99 I would pass on this app, It needs some improvements mostly in game play and at most it should be priced at $0.99. From back in september 2008 when I started this site I have seen the programming and Game Quality improve a ton how ever I didn’t feel this game take advantage of all the capabilities of the iPhone. I do see that this app is popular in the app store but I have a feeling it will drop back rather fast as all this new app’s are being released each day with outstanding game play, graphics, etc…

Monster Truck Nitro iPhone App Reviewed Monster Truck Nitro Reviews Monster Truck Nitro Screen Shots

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Frogger Game App Reviewed    Frogger iPhone App

Frogger iPhone Game App Review
This game rocked when I got on the Atari 2600 20 some years ago. I was giving this app about 1 month ago or so to review, play around with to see if I like it and me thoughts on the game play, graphics and the game in general. Once I downloaded this app and started it up I noticed the menu screen with Start, Help, High Scores, Options and Touch Konami. Help will give you instructions on how to play the game if you have never before. Other wise Options is one you might want to click on and in here you can change sound on and off, Vibrate on and off and than your controls this is one that users may need to change, here you can change how you move on the screen by tapping your finger, sliding your finger or tilting the iphone itself in the direction you want to move you can also set the sensitivity to your movements here as well.

After you have choosen the control options the you wish to use click the back button. High Scores ofcourse show you your Highest Scores, Touch Konami will close application and lauch web browser. From here we can hit start you notice as in Frogger for all other systems a pretty simple screen to start slower vehicles, no gators etc… You get 5 lives to start there is a time counter bar at the bottom just as in the origional game and has you complete levels they get harder. The music is the same has you hop, when you die and when you get the frog to top top all brings back memories of my childhood.
Frogger iPhone App
The graphics are basic but cool retro and has simularities of the old original frogger, they do the job and looks good to me. The gameplay is good not like using a paddle on your PS3 but lets not forget this is on a mobile device and is really the next wave of gaming, this is where the future of gaming is heading. Konami & Apple iPhone are a good match they have taken mobile gaming to the next level.

I highly recommend this game for both older and younger gamers, This game is one of the original games to come out 20+ years ago and still today like Pac-Man I find andby the popularity on iTunes others as well find it fun and entertaining. Hands down one of the best Game App’s to date. I give it a 8 out 10.

Frogger iPhone App Reviewed Frogger Reviews Frogger Screen Shots

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iDracula Game App Reviewed iDracula iPhone App

iDracula iPhone Game App Review
I really like this iDracula app and can see why it has become the top paid app on itunes in just 8 days of it’s release, That speaks for it’s self. So i downloaded this app with great anticipation after seeing the popularity and screen shot, the graphics in my opinion are some of the best I’ve yet to see on the iPhone.

Immediately after I download iDracula I`m ready to check it out. Once app started I came to the main menu, First impressions are details in graphics so far are cool and the main menu interface is similar to that of the PSP or Nintendo DS games. There are 5 buttons on the main menu starting with Play Game, Options, High Scores, Credits and Instructions. Play Game obviously starts game play, under the options button you have several options such as disable sound, swap control wheels, sound volume and so fourth. For the Instructions it’s A image with written instructions on it detailing how to play and I think High Scores and Credits are self–explanatory.
iDracula iPhone App
Now it’s game time. Tap Play Game and you will come to options screen to choose game type either Survival or Rush. choose game type you want to play and hit ok, you will notice the two circles in the lower corners these control your movements, walking, spinning around and shooting. Now the differences between the two types of game play are in Survival monsters are constantly coming at you from all directions but at a reasonable rate in Rush you are bombarded with a slew of monsters “Good Luck”. In survival you start with single shoot gun with other guns appearing on the screen as you kill monsters, In Rush you start with a gatlin style gun which is pretty awesome but I didn’t see any other gun types on the screen so either your suck with what you have or I didn’t kill enough monsters. You also pickup power, and omens after you kill certain monsters during game play. Once you’ve died you will be presented with a stat screen showing how long you survived, the number of monsters you killed, how many Omens you picked up , etc…

I have only made it a few levels on both types of game play but like the game play, The Graphics are great and audio rocks as well. I’m not sure what the regular price of iDracula is but at the time of my review it is on sale for $0.99 and I would say this game would be worth buying even if it had a price of $4.99. I loved it and have been playing it for the past 3 days as I tested it for this review. I can also say that my 3G is packed full with 9 pages of app’s and I needed to delete app’s off the do this review and several others and this one will be one that stays for awhile. Thumbs Up on this app I Highly Recommend iDracula and at $0.99 you can’t go wrong. Could Be Game Of The Year Total package”

iDracula iPhone App Reviewed iDracula Reviews iDracula Screen Shots

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iAqua Game App Reviewed iAqua iPhone App

iAqua iPhone Game App Review
This app is fairly similar to other match the colors games, like Super Bubble Pop. The playing pieces resemble drops of water slowly moving down the screen. To clear them out, you must match them in sets of four or more, either horizontally, vertically or in a cube shape with two on top and two on bottom.

The screen is always full of circles, with no empty space available, so you have to make your matches by rotating the circles that are already on the screen with your fingertips. You can only move them in groups of four at a time. This doesn’t make for the easiest game play, since it’s hard to tell which group of four the app will choose to move (there are four options for each individual circle unless it’s on the edge of the screen) and the direction in which it decides to rotate. Hopefully, this will be improved in future versions, since it gets frustrating pretty quickly.
iAqua iPhone App
Once you do get the hang of moving the circles, you can increase the amount of time you have each time you create a combo of four or more. But watch out for when your iPhone vibrates; that means you are in trouble. When you reach a certain score you level up and get more challenging pieces to work with, such as grey squares, which make it so the circles adjacent to them are immobile. There are also more circle colors as the game goes on.

Features include the ability to turn the sound and vibration off. (I would definitely lose the vibration after the first couple of games.) There’s also a score board that lists your initials, level and largest combo plus the option to submit your number for worldwide fame and see the top 50. Sadly, my name was not on there. This game definitely has promise and is worth a try.

iAqua iPhone App Reviewed iAqua Reviews iAqua Screen Shots

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Paper Pilot

Paper Pilot App Reviewed Paper Pilot iPhone App

Paper Pilot iPhone Game App Review
This app is a fun game in which you fly a paper airplane around a room collecting paperclips. Part of the challenge is finding them, but they are pretty large and front and center so don’t let that stop you from trying it. The controls are easy once you get the hang of them. All you have to do is tilt the iPhone left and right to turn your plane and use your thumb to speed up or slow down. If you need to move the aircraft up or down, a simple tilt takes care of that too.

There are four different stages with two levels apiece. You start off in the “main office” and eventually progress to the oh so heavily cloaked “secret level.” In some apps you can just pick levels willy nilly, but in this one you cannot progress to the next stage until you beat both stages.

Paper Pilot iPhone App
The graphics aren’t groundbreaking, but they are above average for an iPhone game, using decent 3D animation. The sound is rather annoying, since it is one of those songs that is just the same synth loop over and over with a couple random drum beats thrown in. I found myself playing without the sound to avoid a headache. Options include a “victory screen” to show off your achievements as well as an option to “clear all times” if your buddy is being too much of a braggart. There is also a useful instructions option that gives a tutorial on how to play.

I really enjoyed this game and would recommend to anyone who likes flight simulators but finds the current crop too challenging.

Paper Pilot iPhone App Reviewed Paper Pilot Reviews

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Air Fight App Reviewed                        Fantastic Contraption iPhone App

Air Fight iPhone Game App Review
This is your standard flight sim where the goal is to shoot down enemy planes. You get different point values depending on the color of the plane you shoot down. You have unlimited machine gunfire or limited missiles to do the job. You can play single player or multiplayer and have two control schemes to choose from. The object of multiplayer is simply to survive for longer than your opponent. Arcade mode is the default and is more user friendly. Advanced mode is more difficult and much more like an advanced flight sim. Since I am a novice at best, I found myself sticking to the arcade mode.

The tutorial, which you can access from the landing page, is pretty helpful for the beginner. It contains a full eight screen describing the goal of the game and how to use your weapons. I liked how it wasn’t crammed into one screen in teeny tiny print and you could easy advance by touching one of the arrows.

Fantastic Contraption iPhone App
All in all I was underwhelmed by this game, although it had excellent graphics and realistic sound. I found the controls to be very difficult to use and not very forgiving. I also found myself accidentally firing my missiles when trying to turn, leaving me out of ammo and basically a sitting duck. If you are the type of person that enjoys semi-realistic flight simulators I think you will enjoy this game, but be aware that it will take a lot of practice to become proficient.

AirFight iPhone App Reviewed AirFight Reviews

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Words Worth App Reviewed Words Worth iPhone App

Words Worth iPhone Game App Review
This app is perfect for those of you out there who love to play word games but don’t like the stress of being governed by the timer. While there is a little bit of timing involved, the player can essentially control it. And no, I don’t mean by shutting the game off when things get hairy.

The way the game works is you get a grid with hexagon shaped letter tiles. The object is to form words by either touching adjacent letters and then touching the submit key or dragging your way across the entire word with your fingertip. When you run out of words you can make, either shake the phone or touch the creepy looking man at the bottom of the screen to refresh your letter set.

It’s always great to get new letters, but unfortunately there’s a downside. You also get a timed tile. You have to get rid of these, by incorporating them into a word, before the entire tile changes from a dark red to a pale pink as the second hand on it moves. Otherwise your game ends.

Words Worth iPhone App
Luckily, there are also some tiles that can help you. There are green tiles that give you bonus points and wild card tiles, with a silhouette of the creepy man, that you can use to sub for a letter in your word, just like the blank Scrabble tiles. Plus, if you make a word longer than five letters you could be eligible to win a gold tile, which is similar to the green tile, but prettier.

Each time your reach a predetermined score you get bumped up to the next level. Each one has a name like WordWrek or WordCadet. If your score is a high enough number, you get to be on the “Wall of Wow” when you finish. You also get an increase in the number of times you can exchange the letters, up to five.

While this game can be fun, it doesn’t have the addictive nature of some other word game apps. There are pretty simple graphics and no real competitive play. It’s easy to save your game (by touching the yellow back arrow), put it down and go on to something else. There is something to be said for that.

Words Worth iPhone App Reviewed Words Worth Reviews Words Worth Screen Shots

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Fantastic Contraption

Fantastic Contraption App Reviewed                        Fantastic Contraption iPhone App

Fantastic Contraption iPhone Game App Review
Fantastic Contraption caught me totally by surprise. I saw the graphics in iTunes and my mind conjured up images of tinker toys. I couldn’t have bee further from reality. Fantastic Contraption, by inXile Entertainment, is a great way to pass away several hours, maybe days or even weeks.

The app downloaded and installed without a problem. After a precautionary reboot of the iPhone I was ready to get started. The first screen I see after launch is a message to go through the tutorial. Better advice has never been given. While the app seems simple, the many facets and levels to the game need an explanation. The tutorial took several minutes to view and perform the basic concepts of the game.

Tinker Toys, it’s not, but it is vaguely similar. The idea behind the game is to build a machine, contraption if you will, and move a pink object, either a circle, square or rectangle, to the pink square. Sounds confusing but in practice you put some wheels together, maybe a stick or two and turn the contraption on. It will either get to the goal, stall or fall off into space. You don’t need an advanced degree in physics to pass each level. An understanding of concepts such as action/reaction, gravity, etc may make your contraption a little more predictable. I found trial and error worked well for the first few levels then I started noticing what concepts worked well and what didn’t. I found that one or two simple basic designs could be modified to meet most of the challenges of different levels.

Fantastic Contraption iPhone App
The 43 levels of play get successively more difficult. If one levels stumps your contraption simply swipe the screen and move onto the next. There is even a level editor that allows you to build and save custom levels. Levels can even be uploaded and shared with other game players around the world.

The quality of graphics is good, but very simple. The music level is adequate and easily muted. A help (?) key is always accessible in the lower left corner, below the mute button. The bottom left and right corners have minus and plus buttons, respectively. They allow you to zoom in and out to be more precise in the construction of your contraption. The start button is a good size and in the upper left corner. The upper right corner contains an expanding cloud that contains all the building blocks for your contraption. Touch the cloud, select your component and place it in the construction area. Link the various components and press Start. Your contraption will either succeed or fail. If it fails, add a wheel here, move a link there ad try again. It really is a lot of fun. I passed hours going through the various levels. I might even be addicted.

I highly recommend this game. It’s not an adventure, nor action packed, or a thrill a minute. It’s just plain fun. If you like building things or figuring out how things work, get this game, you’ll be busy for hours. Currently, as of this writing 1/27/2009, it is offered at an introductory price of just $2.99. Fantastic Contraption, at this price, is a steal and I give it 5 stars.

Fantastic Contraption iPhone App Reviewed Fantastic Contraption Reviews Fantastic Contraption Screen Shots

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Gemmed App Reviewed                        Gemmed iPhone App

Gemmed iPhone Game App Review
When I look at my iPhone and the near 144 applications that reside on it, very few (less than 10) are games. I know, I know, games are the hottest selling segment for the iPhone. But at my age, a game has to have something special to hold and keep my interest. Gemmed by Wasted Pixel holds promise in earning a permanent spot on my iPhone.

The game downloaded quickly (7.5MB) and loaded with no problems. A quick reboot for preventative measure and I was ready to start. The main screen loads quickly and you’re presented with four options, Play, High Scores, Options and ?, presumably the help section. The music was a bit load for my taste, however my son who later played the game seemed to find the volume level fine. Pressing Options gives you 3 choices. You can turn on and off game play tips, I left them on and recommend doing so the first few rounds. The last two options allow you to turn music and sound FX on and off. I left all the options on and X’d out the screen.

The ? button is indeed the help section. I highly recommend reviewing this section as Gemmed has some interesting twists and turns as you go from level to level. The 14 help screens have nice graphics and are very concise and informative. High Scores has two options. One where you can track your personal scores, player by player and another section to compare your scores to other game players across the country. A nice touch. The basics took only a minute or two and now it’s time to play.

Gemmed iPhone Game App
Tapping play and I’m shown another screen with my current level, 1 of 50, and the choice of new game or resume saved games. The option to turn off Tips is presented again. Time to play. The premise is to match at least 3 gems of the same color. In game terms I’m told it’s called Match 3 Gameplay. However, there are many twists and turns. There are Monsters, just one at first, but progressive levels will have increasingly more. You may ask, “what do I do with Monster’s?” The goal is to rescue all the monsters on each level. Monsters come in various colors and eat the same color gems and automatically move towards their color exit. Rescue more same colored monsters (or match same colored gems) and the power bar, located at the bottom of the game play screen, increases. When the bar reaches it’s limit a “Power Up” is placed on the board. Power Ups will remove multiple gems with a nice visual effect and helps the monsters move more quickly towards their exit. On about level 4 or 5 white gems and the Angel Monster appears. When her Power Up is complete they self activate and help save the monsters. A level or 2 later the Evil Monster appears as does black gems. When the Evil Monster’s Power Up is complete, it self activates and moves your monster farther from their colored exit.

There are other rewards such as Wild Gems, earned when matches of 5 same colored gems occur. Wormhole gems appear at certain point levels and instantly saves a monster. The faster you save your monsters the bigger the bonus you get at the end of the level. The really big point bonus’ are achieved by very fast rescues of your monsters. If you can’t make a match of at least three gems, the game is over. However, you can earn Replay options (the game starts with one replay) which enable the level to be played again.

The various Power Ups are carried over to the next level. Hints on moves are shown after 15 seconds, but with all the Power Ups, Monsters etc. match plays come fairly easy. In several hours of play, I only had to use a replay once.

The game play is smooth and has nice graphics for the various effects. The sound track is OK and songs change at various levels. I got tired of the music and turned the volume off after about 10 minutes. Hopefully, the sound track will be improved in future releases. The various Power Ups add some excitement and twists to each level. I played the game for about an hour, unusually long for me, and had completed about 30 levels and earned well over 2,000,000 points. Not bad for an old guy.

I then turned the game over to my 15 year old son, Myles, for a review. He quickly mastered the play and passed multiple levels. Hum, how do kids do that without reading the tips and tricks? After about a half hour of play I asked for his impressions. He liked the graphics as well, thought the game should have been more challenging and the music was lame. I often play Bejeweled, even had it on my Palm Treo, and thought Gemmed was equally fun to play. The game is easy to learn and will provide hours of fun. The music is easily it’s weakest point, but that’s minor. Gemmed probably isn’t for most older teens, not enough action. Game playing adults and pre-teens will most likely find hours of enjoyment playing Gemmed. I did, and Gemmed has earned a place on my iPhone. At least for several months. Four Stars.

Gemmed iPhone App Reviewed Gemmed App Reviews Gemmed App Screen Shots

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