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Tubey iPhone Social Networking App Review
When I was contacted by the developer about reviewing this Tubey I was innately excited. As I have said in previous reviews Social Networking app’s are where I have found some of my favorites app’s. This app is no exception it is one the best Social Networking app’s to date in the iTunes App Store in my opinion allowing you to take pictures from your library or with the camera arrange them in the order you want and add basic zoom & pan effects to the images creating a slide show type video that will be automatically uploaded to your YouTube and BlogSpot accounts.

To get started tap Tubey icon on your iPhone after it loads you come to a screen where you will need to choose the type of video you want to create. Options are as follows you can create a Personal Video, Event, Sell, Real Estate or Other Once you have chosen the type you’ll start the build video segment in which we will first add the pictures we want in this video after you select all your images you will notice to the right of the picture it will say random effect, by tapping on those words you’ll open the effects options. Here you can choose what effect you want for that particular image their are 5 options total you have Random Effect, Pan Up, Pan Down, Zoom In & Zoom Out.
Tubey iPhone App
Once you have the images and effects setup how you want them you will need to hit the back button in the upper left corner and the select Add Audio option here you can record a narration for your video and add background music. Their are 56 different albums of background music already in this app for you to use which I found to be a great feature.

Now that we have our narration and background music finished hit the back button upper left and select Add Info tap here you will add the Video Info, The Title, description, tags, category etc… this will help people find your video on YouTube & BlogSpot. After you complete the information about your video hit the back button to main screen. Here we will complete our final step and approve the video upload after you make sure that you have the images you want, Audio and Info are all correct simply hit the upload button. Your new video will be uploaded to Tubey for transfer to YouTube & BlogSpot. It is really that simple Awesome App.

I can’t say enough about Tubey this app ROCKS even at $4.99 it is a STEAL. I think friends & family would much rather watch a video of where you are and what your doing than to read text about your adventures. My opinion of Tubey is an outstanding job by the guys at Hands down one of the best App’s to date. I give it a 10 out 10.

Tubey iPhone App Reviewed Tubey Reviews Tubey Screen Shots

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