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Pocket Gods Entertainment App Reviewed Pocket Gods iPhone App

Pocket Gods iPhone Entertainment App Review
I had mixed impressions of Pocket Gods at first because it isn’t a game it’s a entertainment app but has the fell of playing a game. The graphics are just ok nothing to write home about while the audio isn’t bad, some sort of tropical Island Music. In this app you are playing God to primitive islanders, you rule and can create new life and take life away just as quickly.

Once you start the app click on the question mark in the upper right corner this is basic instructions on what to do. Now I’m sure you have noticed that there is only one islander to add more up to six at time click the plus sign in the upper left corner and islander will start dropping down on to your island. After you add islanders you can begin to rule, you can feed the coconuts, you can flicking them in to the water to drown or flick them in to the volcano which gets closer to exploding each time you get one in and on the third islander in the volcano bursts shooting hot lava on your islanders back on the island, you can pick them up and drop them, poke them, drop the rock on them, hit them with lightning, feed them to the shark everything and vengeful god would do.
Pocket Gods iPhone App
Along with being mean to my islanders I can change day to dusk and than night which will cause my islanders to sleep i also can make it a clear sky or cloudy with lightning, by shaking my iphone it causes a earth quake and by tilting side to side the islanders will slide in that direction and in to the water. I’ve pretty much described how the app works and the features of Pocket God for the iPhone, Now you can become the Powerful God Of The Island.

Even though my at first I wasn’t sure about Pocket Gods in the past 4 days while testing for this review I have grown fond of this app all thought there is no real purpose to what you do in this app it is fun and addicting. Despite the lack of quality graphics I still found it to be a joy, I played it for several hours over the four days I tested it for the review and have 9 times since for entertainment and to show friend and get there insight on this app. Overall I would recommend this app for $0.99 to everyone, and I shared it with 5 of my friends and all but one was on board with my thoughts.

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