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IM + for Skype Social Networking App Reviewed IM + for Skype iPhone App

IM + for Skype iPhone Social Networking App Review
This app is for people that use the Skype Internet telephone system. It allows you to use SkypeOut credits, similar to calling card minutes, to make calls and send text messages to people in your iPhone’s contacts list. It can also connect you to your Skype account, be it paid or standard, so you can use your iPhone to make calls when you’re away from your computer.

Of course, to use this app, you have to be registered with Skype. However, the people that you call or text do not have to be, though it is easier if they are. You can add other Skype users to an in-app contacts list to see when they are connected to Skype and available. You can also schedule conference calls or other events and indicate when you are free to chat.

IM + for Skype iPhone App
This app is great for people who have a lot of friends and family that live overseas. It can be helpful to use Skyepout credits instead of having to use cell phone minutes, which are subject to hefty roaming charges. I did not see any way to purchase Skypeout credits through the app. It seems that you have to either buy them beforehand or make a trip to the Skype website from your iPhone’s Internet browser. So the app does take some planning. You can’t just pick it up out of the blue and use it.

The interface is very easy to use and pretty much self explanatory. I would recommend it for all regular Skype users.

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