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Done Drinking iPhone Game App Review
This app reminded me of one of those lessons in sobriety you get in high school. You know; if you drink, your motor skills will be impaired. Luckily, the character in this game, dubbed “Tipsy” is only walking down an alley and is not behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

The object for the iPhone user is to keep this sloppy guy, with his unbuttoned shirt, untucked tie and final bottle of booze, from falling down and going to sleep in the road before he makes it home. You do this by tilting the phone left and right to compensate for his leaning or by touching the right and left arrows with your thumbs accordingly. The app measures how long you keep Tipsy upright, with the highest scores going on the appropriately named “Walk of Fame.”

Done Drinking iPhone Game App
What I liked best about this app was actually the menu page. The logo for the game sways when you move your iPhone while you’re browsing to make a selection. There are a couple of preferences available. You can turn the music and sound on or off and you can change Tipsy’s walking distance from feet to meters if you’d like him to be drunk outside of the U.S.

The graphics on this game are good, even providing our fearless walker with fire hydrants and pieces of trash to stumble over. However, after about five minutes of watching a drunk cartoon man sway as I tried to steady my hands I began to feel a bit tipsy myself.

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