WiFinder App Review                        WiFinder App Review

WiFinder Utilities App
This app is very straightforward. It finds wireless networks in your immediate area. All you have to do is launch the app and it immediately begins scanning. It then comes up with a list. Open networks are preceded by a green check mark and locked networks have a red do not enter type sign. (My search came up with a list of 12, though only two of them were unlocked.)Touch the name of a network to get more details about it, including MAC address, channel, strength, authentication and whether it is hidden. If you have the permissions, you can connect to the network by touching the conveniently named connect button.

If you’re traveling with your iPhone, you can use the auto scan button at the bottom of your screen to set your phone to continuously look for networks automatically. You can set the intervals for rescanning to any number of seconds and request notification whenever the app finds a new network to add to the list. When this setting’s turned on, your phone will vibrate each time one pops up.
WiFinder iPhone App

It’s a helpful tool for when you’re out and about and need to find a WiFi connection. That will help you get access to local networking sources and often increases Web page loading speed. It can also be useful if you’re looking to connect your laptop or other mobile tools.

The interface is simple and clean. It’s very easy to use the app and it’s a total cinch to learn. Navigating the maze of wireless networks you find might be another story.

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