Arcade Hoops Basketball

Arcade Hoops Basketball App Review                        Arcade Hoops Basketball iPhone App Review

Arcade Hoops Basketball Game App
This Basketball game is OFF THE HOOK, extremely user friendly and addicting. Once you click the app & it starts, you can choose Classic Game, Progressive Game or you can view high scores. Info Options offer How To Play Instructions, Music, Sound FX and Track selections .

This game app is quite simple and basic. Most people have seen or played arcade basketball before either at Specialty restaurant or tourist destination. The objective of the game is the same, shoot for the hoop until the clock runs out your have four balls to get the job done. Only thing I missed when playing this app is the loud noises of other arcade patrons and the tickets the machine kicks out after scoring so many baskets you can cash in on lame prizes.
Arcade Hoops Basketball iPhone App

There is two different types of game play, Classic Mode you get 45 seconds to shoot as many baskets as possible at a modest distant pretty simple once you master the shooting, In Progressive Mode you 99 seconds to as many baskets as possible with a twist your hoop will change distances  after so many seconds it will start out rather close with 2 point shoots and eventually moves back a pretty good distance for 3 point shoots.

Overall, this game is a BLAST. The music and graphics are ok, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing the game is very entertaining. I found this game very entertaining so I decided to see what my 7 year old nephew thought of it. In his own words " Dude This Rocks", My Thoughts exactly.

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