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Urban Spoon iPhone App
Part dining site and part slot machine, Urban Spoon is a great app for those times when you just can’t decide where to go for dinner. All you have to do is start the program and it will immediately search for your location using the iPhone’s GPS. Once that’s done you get a screen where you can choose a nearby city, the type of food you’d like, the price range or all three by touching the lock icon underneath the option. Or, if you truly want to fly by the seat of your pants, leave everything unlocked.

Then, simply shake your phone, or if you don’t want to shake your phone, push the button that says “shake.” The dials will spin and you’ll end up with a restaurant name. Click on the name to get the address, phone number and an option to read reviews. Don’t like what you see? Select “shake” on the top left to go back and try again.
Urban Spoon Travel iPhone App

If you don’t want to be quite so random, you can instead choose browse, search or near me from the bottom of the screen. Browse allows you to see a comprehensive listing of restaurants in your area, search lets you find a restaurant by key word and near me will bring up a list ordered by distance from your current location.

My favorite feature of the app was, of course, the slot machine aspect. I’m one of those people that never knows where to go, and it can help to have the iPhone do the deciding for me. However, one thing I didn’t like was that it didn’t pick up any restaurants in my local city. In fact, I was sitting in a restaurant when I tried the app and it wasn’t even listed as an option. Hopefully this will improve as Urban Spoon expands the application.

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