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WeatherBug iPhone App
WeatherBug on the iPhone is true to its desktop counterpart. It uses the iPhone’s location-based services to present you with your local weather when you launch the app. The information you get includes the current temperature, the wind chill, the humidity level and dew point and the forecast for the next two days.

Delve further into the app using the buttons on the bottom of the screen and you can view weather radar using Google maps. It looks very similar to what you would see with a televised weather forecast, showing green blobs for light rain and white blobs for snow, etc. Choose the video button and you can take in a weather forecast with Rachel, the WeatherBug meteorologist, who is a real person and not a computer composite. However, this forecast covers the entire United States with little specific information for each area.
Weather Bug App Reviewed

My favorite feature is the ability to view local WeatherBug webcams and “see” what it looks like outside in my area. If there are a lot of cameras in your area, you can receive up to five choices. I was a little frustrated that the choice for my area is at least a 15 to 20 minute drive from my house and it was the only option available. But I suppose that is not meteorologically significant. If you live in a more rural area though, you may be somewhat out of luck.

This app is a step above the built-in iPhone app since it has loads more information, and since it is available free of charge, no iPhone should be without it.

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