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Pro Football Live Sports iPhone App
This is by far the best football app currently available on the iPhone. It allows you to view the scores of all the weekly games and provides real-time scoring and play by play. And you don’t have to scour through a list to find your beloved Steelers or Cardinals. You can set up a group of favorite teams so that every time you launch the app you are presented with their scores.

The app also features a Smack Talk section where you chat back and forth with other fans while watching the games. Be careful though, and don’t allow your young children to use it. It does not appear to be moderated and can get a bit off color pretty quickly, though it does kind of bring that nice social aspect to the game. However, it is not functional useless if it’s not any given Sunday or Monday or Thursday as the case may be.
Pro Football Live Sport App Reviewed

I also like the fact you can view photos from the week’s games, complete with lengthy descriptive captions, and get NFL news as it happens. This is not only true during the games, but with regular updates during any day of the week. You can also check out league standings for each conference with the touch of a finger, so you never need be behind on what to do with your fantasy league.

The app has a nice, clean interface and is very user friendly. I would recommend it to any fan of the NFL, whether casual or die-hard. Not a football fan? The manufacturer, Plusmo, also makes app for basketball, golf and even cricket.

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