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Pandora Radio App Review                    Pandora iPhone App
Pandora Radio iPhone  App
Pandora for the iPhone is amazingly similar to the Pandora program available on the PC. Register and you can begin creating radio stations. Just pick a favorite artist and the app will provide you with songs by him or her along with others that have a similar sound. Pressing a button in the top right corner will give you a description of why each song has been chosen to fit your station. Like more than one type of music? Just make another station. You’re free to switch between them.

Give songs a thumbs up or down as they play by touching the appropriate button with your finger. Downrate a song and you don’t have to listen to the rest of it. It will disappear and be replaced with a new one. Like a song and you have the option to bookmark it along with the artist so you can easily find it to listen to again. Hit the button that says “buy from iTunes” and you’re sent to the site and can immediately make a purchase or save it for later.
Pandora Radio App

I really like this app. It’s a good way to discover new music on the go and can provide the audiophile with hours of entertainment. The music sounds great over the built-in iPhone speaker and there’s an option to turn on higher quality audio for when you plug your phone into external speakers. Over wifi networks, there is no stuttering or pausing during loading or playback and only a slight fidget with Cellular Edge and 3G networks.

You don’t need any Mp3s when you have Pandora. It gives you the freedom rock out whenever the mood hits you.

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