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iBall 3D iPhone Game App
This app is like the wooden labyrinth game that was popular several years ago. The board consists of a platform with lots of walls and holes inside the floor. Your task is to guide a marble through the maze all the way to the finish without it falling in. Just like with the actual wooden game, you need to be careful how you tilt the platform (which in this case is your iPhone) because this controls the speed, angle and directions in which the ball moves. Once you beat the level, you are scored depending on how much time it took you to complete it.

Options on the game include the ability to zoom in on the board in order to better navigate turns and tight places. The problem with this is that you can only see a portion of the board and not any upcoming holes, which kind of negates the helpfulness. Another choice is to turn off the background music, which is fairly repetitive and tinny. The sound of the ball rolling is very good, however. It sounds almost like it does in real life.
iBall 3D Game App

Compared to other versions of labyrinth available in the iTunes store, I found the controls to be a little sluggish, making the game especially hard. Also, the ball seems to fall in the holes very easily, instead of slipping by on the edges sometimes as it would in the real life game. I am not especially coordinated on a good day, but this made it all the worse.

I could tell there was another board available that looks like more like a traditional circular labyrinth path and I really would have liked to try it. Problem is, I never could figure out how to get past the first level in this game. It’s great if you’re up for a challenge.

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