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Air Mouse allows you to control your Windows PC or Mac running OSX using your iPhone instead of the mouse and keyboard. It takes a little legwork to install, since the application requires you to visit the developer’s website at to download the server application. You’ll also need to have your phone on the same wireless network as your computer in order for it to work. This makes it good for using at home, but it could be blocked by firewalls if you try to use it at the office.

I tested this app using a laptop running Windows XP Pro and a MacBook Pro. Installation was easy and both machines and required no customization. Once the software was running and launched on the iPhone, the app immediately found each computer on the network and synched up.
Air Mouse App

Controlling the Air Mouse does not actually involve moving your phone around in the air, as the name might suggest. (In fact, I tried this and absolutely nothing happened.) Instead, all you need to do is shift your finger on the touch screen to move the cursor around and tap the screen for a mouse click. Convenient arrows even allow you to scroll, and a yellow glow will show you exactly where your finger is on the screen.

Don’t feel like sitting up to type on your computer? No problem. There’s a full QWERTY keyboard on the bottom of Air Mouse’s screen.

While it’s not the ideal way to control the computer, unless you are adept at typing on a tiny screen, the Air Mouse would be great to use during presentations or when you’re demonstrating something in front of a group and you want to keep your lap free.

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