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Neat little Entertainment Application. I had a blast face melting all my buddies pictures. This App is really a cool program, reminds my of Super Goo for PC.

This App allows you to take a picture with the Camera, from the Camera Roll or Photo Library. And than begins the fun, with your finger tips you can Pinch, Squeeze, Stretch and Swirl the faces of your family and friends.

I found this App very entertaining and created laugh after laugh for myself and my girlfriend. Once you have created your new funny masterpiece you can save your picture and there is a animation loop button so you can watch the morphing of the image you just created.

My Overall Rating of this Entertainment Application is Awesome, I would recommend this App to everyone, I have had countless hours of fun with this application. Very Entertaining and Well Worth $1.99 and you will find yourself laughing out loud at some of the pictures you create, I’m sure of it.

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