Pocket Guitar


This is one of my favorite Applications so far in the iTunes App Store. This Music App is fun and very entertaining, And one I believe will soon be at the top of the Apps Downloaded chart. Use your fingers to pluck or touch the cords if you place your fingers on the frets your note will change. If you move your iPhone in a upward and downward motion similar to a woo woo bar on a Electric Guitar.

This App allows you to change between 6 different instruments including: Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Muted Guitar, Electric Bass & Ukulele which can be changed in the settings. There are a few other options in the settings, such as effects, Accelerometer Effects, Alternative Tuning, Pluck Auto, Adjust Positions & turn Left-Handed Play on and Off.

My Overall Rating of this Music App is Outstanding, I would recommend this Music Application to everyone, One of the coolest Apps I have bought to date. I Can Now Be The Bedroom Guitarist I’ve Always Wanted To Be.


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