FlightControl Game App Reviewed    FlightControl iPhone App

FlightControl iPhone Game App Review
Game apps are the most popular in the iTune App Store and flightControl which was released Feb has found it’s way a top the most popular paid for apps quite an accomplishment. Once I downloaded this app and synced to my iPhone to begin playing I was a little tuned off by the 50′s style graphics and music. Could have made them a tad bit more modern.

Dispute my disappointment with the audio and graphics I still found this app to be quite entertaining and addicting. After it loads you will find yourself at the main screen with four options, Credits information about the developers than is Tutorials which is basically screen shots with text on them explaining how to play this app next will be Stats here you can view High Score, Average Score, Most Aircraft On Screen & Total Aircrafts Landed your last option is Play.
FlightControl iPhone App
Once you hit play you’ll notice the airport in the center right of the screen and within seconds you’ll notice red circles with white exclamation Marks appearing on the edges of the screen which will mark the area where an airplane will be entering your screen. Their is three types of airplanes and A helicopter you have to land. Their will be two types of red airplanes these are the biggest ones in the game one is a bit bigger and faster than the other and than you have a small yellow airplane and blue helicopter. Both red planes you’ll need to land on the long straight runway that is outlined in red, the small yellow plane will need to be landed on the small runway out lined in yellow that comes out on an angle towards the bottom of the screen. The Helicopters you will land on the blue circle with the H in the center of it.

To guide the aircraft to to correct runway to land you will need to tap the aircraft your trying to land and drag your finger in the path you want the aircraft to go to land if you have successfully made a path for the aircraft to land the aircraft will change colors to white indicating a successful landing path. Be careful not to allow aircrafts to get to close as they will crash and game will be over. If aircrafts get to close and you think there goning to crash simply tap the aircraft you want to control and drag your finger in the new direction you want aircraft to fly in.

It can really get jammed up with aircraft in a hurry and one crash it is all over, My high score is 67 aircraft landed not sure if that is good or not but I played abut 70 times before I got that score so I founded it to be challenging which is always good in a game and for $0.99 it is a deal I have lost more change in my couch in the past 2 days.

FlightControl iPhone App Reviewed FlightControl Reviews FlightControl Screen Shots

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Monster Truck Nitro

Monster Truck Nitro Game App Reviewed Monster Truck Nitro iPhone App

Monster Truck Nitro iPhone Game App Review
As I started this app the graphics are so far ok not bad there are three options to choose from Race, Settings & Instructions.
Under settings you have control over master volume as well as music volume which I turned down after testing for 2 hours last night. From hit back to main menu I than selected instructions which give you basic game play instructions next option controls and finally credits, the who’s who behind this app.

Now after getting a brief overview of this app we are ready to play. Once you select Race you come to the next screen to select a track only a few select tracks are open to race while the others remain locked until you qualify in the top three in the previous race to unlock the next track in line. Each Track gets hard to complete, I found the loop track the seventh one to be the most difficult out of the eight tracks. You have two styles of trucks to choose the first is more modern and reminds me of a the newer Cadillac’s in the front with big rear exhaust pipes while they other truck resembles an older style ford truck with flames.
Monster Truck Nitro iPhone App
While I didn’t dislike this game, The game play is very limited, no steering your truck stays in a straight line throughout the race you use the motion technology on the iPhone to rotate which cause the truck to come back even as far as a wheelie to set up a launch off of jumps and than rotate forward to land your truck. Along the track there are nitro bottle that cause a speed burst as you run them over, In the lower left corner you have your brake, In the lower right corner you will find your gas peddle as well as a cruise control button that can be activated by tapping it on/off.

At $1.99 I would pass on this app, It needs some improvements mostly in game play and at most it should be priced at $0.99. From back in september 2008 when I started this site I have seen the programming and Game Quality improve a ton how ever I didn’t feel this game take advantage of all the capabilities of the iPhone. I do see that this app is popular in the app store but I have a feeling it will drop back rather fast as all this new app’s are being released each day with outstanding game play, graphics, etc…

Monster Truck Nitro iPhone App Reviewed Monster Truck Nitro Reviews Monster Truck Nitro Screen Shots

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Frogger Game App Reviewed    Frogger iPhone App

Frogger iPhone Game App Review
This game rocked when I got on the Atari 2600 20 some years ago. I was giving this app about 1 month ago or so to review, play around with to see if I like it and me thoughts on the game play, graphics and the game in general. Once I downloaded this app and started it up I noticed the menu screen with Start, Help, High Scores, Options and Touch Konami. Help will give you instructions on how to play the game if you have never before. Other wise Options is one you might want to click on and in here you can change sound on and off, Vibrate on and off and than your controls this is one that users may need to change, here you can change how you move on the screen by tapping your finger, sliding your finger or tilting the iphone itself in the direction you want to move you can also set the sensitivity to your movements here as well.

After you have choosen the control options the you wish to use click the back button. High Scores ofcourse show you your Highest Scores, Touch Konami will close application and lauch web browser. From here we can hit start you notice as in Frogger for all other systems a pretty simple screen to start slower vehicles, no gators etc… You get 5 lives to start there is a time counter bar at the bottom just as in the origional game and has you complete levels they get harder. The music is the same has you hop, when you die and when you get the frog to top top all brings back memories of my childhood.
Frogger iPhone App
The graphics are basic but cool retro and has simularities of the old original frogger, they do the job and looks good to me. The gameplay is good not like using a paddle on your PS3 but lets not forget this is on a mobile device and is really the next wave of gaming, this is where the future of gaming is heading. Konami & Apple iPhone are a good match they have taken mobile gaming to the next level.

I highly recommend this game for both older and younger gamers, This game is one of the original games to come out 20+ years ago and still today like Pac-Man I find andby the popularity on iTunes others as well find it fun and entertaining. Hands down one of the best Game App’s to date. I give it a 8 out 10.

Frogger iPhone App Reviewed Frogger Reviews Frogger Screen Shots

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Tubey Social Networking App Reviewed    Tubey iPhone App

Tubey iPhone Social Networking App Review
When I was contacted by the developer about reviewing this Tubey I was innately excited. As I have said in previous reviews Social Networking app’s are where I have found some of my favorites app’s. This app is no exception it is one the best Social Networking app’s to date in the iTunes App Store in my opinion allowing you to take pictures from your library or with the camera arrange them in the order you want and add basic zoom & pan effects to the images creating a slide show type video that will be automatically uploaded to your YouTube and BlogSpot accounts.

To get started tap Tubey icon on your iPhone after it loads you come to a screen where you will need to choose the type of video you want to create. Options are as follows you can create a Personal Video, Event, Sell, Real Estate or Other Once you have chosen the type you’ll start the build video segment in which we will first add the pictures we want in this video after you select all your images you will notice to the right of the picture it will say random effect, by tapping on those words you’ll open the effects options. Here you can choose what effect you want for that particular image their are 5 options total you have Random Effect, Pan Up, Pan Down, Zoom In & Zoom Out.
Tubey iPhone App
Once you have the images and effects setup how you want them you will need to hit the back button in the upper left corner and the select Add Audio option here you can record a narration for your video and add background music. Their are 56 different albums of background music already in this app for you to use which I found to be a great feature.

Now that we have our narration and background music finished hit the back button upper left and select Add Info tap here you will add the Video Info, The Title, description, tags, category etc… this will help people find your video on YouTube & BlogSpot. After you complete the information about your video hit the back button to main screen. Here we will complete our final step and approve the video upload after you make sure that you have the images you want, Audio and Info are all correct simply hit the upload button. Your new video will be uploaded to Tubey for transfer to YouTube & BlogSpot. It is really that simple Awesome App.

I can’t say enough about Tubey this app ROCKS even at $4.99 it is a STEAL. I think friends & family would much rather watch a video of where you are and what your doing than to read text about your adventures. My opinion of Tubey is an outstanding job by the guys at CirclePix.com. Hands down one of the best App’s to date. I give it a 10 out 10.

Tubey iPhone App Reviewed Tubey Reviews Tubey Screen Shots

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Tweetie Social Networking App Reviewed Tweetie iPhone App

Tweetie iPhone Social Networking App Review
Social Networking App’s are where I find some of my favorite iPhone app’s at. When this app was released I was excited to get it and start playing around. After syncing to my iphone I started app to come to a screen to add account once you type in your Twitter login info you’ll be sent to the Tweets screen like being on your Twitter Home where you can read tweets from people you follow. You can scroll down through recent tweets and by tapping a tweet you’ll open new screen of the tweet with details of who and when it was posted as well as any links in the tweet will be click able.

Across the top you see accounts on the left side this will allow you to go back an add additional Twitter account you may have. On the right side by tapping the paper & pen icon you can create a New Tweet you can type 140 characters just as if you where on twitter.com. Now a few options that make this app even cool than being on Twitter itself, You can add a photo to your tweet by taking a picture with the camera or choose existing photo once you have done this and typed your message hit send & your photo will automatically be uploaded to twitpic and a shortened url you be added to your tweet. You can also add a map link to your tweets which will add a shortened link to your tweet where you followers can see on google maps where you where when you send tweet.
Tweetie iPhone App
Those are two very cool options that drawled me to loopt social networking app. You will notice at the bottom from left to right the first icon is Tweets which you should currently be on next is Replies here you can see recent replies and by tapping on a reply that you want to read this will open new screen with the message, details of who and when the sent reply and at the bottom you have several options first from left to right tap the arrow in the box this will allow you to Repost Tweet, Post Link To Tweet or Mail Link To Tweet. Next is the link icon this icon is only highlighted and click able if there is a link in the reply that you are currently reading by tapping it you can Repost Link or Add to Instapaper. Your next icon is the star by tapping it you you save tweet to your favorites and finally the last icon is the backward arrow by tapping this icon you will be able to tweet a reply back to the person who originally sent you the reply.

Now back to main screen next option icon across the bottom will be Messages tap this to read Direct Message Received and Sent as well as compose a new direct message to send. The Star icon will be next in line by tapping the star you see all the tweets you have saved as favorites. The last icon is More once you click this there will be 5 options to choose from first being My Profile this will allow you to see a mobile scaled down version of your Twitter Profile with options to Reply, Send Direct Messages, Read recent Tweets, Search @Your Twitter Name to see you is RT Or Talking about your tweets you can view your Followers and who your Following. Go To User allows you to type in username and search to find that user on Twitter, Near by search and locates other Twitter Users in your local area. Trends lets you see the Public Timeline as well as the top 10 current trends and last but not least the search option here you can search keyword, phrases, usernames or whatever your interested in.

At $2.99 I would say to Twitteriffic move over buddy there is a new player in Tweet Town, This app is near perfect I can’t think of one thing this app lacks. It is simple and straight forward the interface is friendly and easy to use with some cool options not found on twitter itself. Hands down to the developers and I wonder if people from Twitter.com help in the development of this app because in my option it is by far the best iPhone Twitter App to date. And I noticed this app is being promoted on Twitter what is in it for them I wonder.

Tweetie iPhone App Reviewed Tweetie Reviews Tweetie Screen Shots

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Distant Shore

Distant Shore Entertainment App Reviewed Distant Shore iPhone App

Distant Shore iPhone Entertainment App Review
Entertainment Apps are some of my favorite ones to test and use in my personal life. When I received the review request for Distant Shore I went to the App Store to see more about this app. After reading the description I was immediately intrigued but was alittle confused to as if this is a entertainment App or social networking game app but none the less I was ready to download it and sync it to my 3G.

After syncing I started the app to notice the sounds and scenes of the beach, In the upper left corner tap the little “i” to see options, News, Help and About features. In the lower left corner is a bag icon tap this is to see messages you have picked up along the beach and bottles you have earned to create new messages to launch in to the Ocean. In order to find message that others have thrown in the ocean and have washed up on your beach you will need to walk around on the beach by tapping your finger in the direction you want to walk looking for messages in bottles and collecting Sea Shells after you have collected 5 you get a bottle to create a new message and launch it in the sea to read messages tap on one of the letter in your bag you wish to read, to compose new messages tap on a bottle and the keyboard will popup type in what you want and tap Launch.
Distant Shore iPhone App
Although I really enjoy this so called entertainment app I consider a more of a social networking game I wasn’t impressed graphics they where just ok for my. The whole concept behind this app is cool it has given me some ideas for a business app I have been thinking of developing. The idea of typing a message and throwing it in the ocean to wash up on another person using this app’s beach whom you may or may not know is brilliant, Thumbs Up on this app with the add game like features of walking around picking up messages and collecting shells make it more interesting.

At $0.99 this is well worth buying, among entertainment app this is one to get. I predict this app will be in the top 50 if not 100 paid apps for along time to come and I’m looking forward to updates & others apps this developer may releases in the future.

Distant Shore iPhone App Reviewed Distant Shore Reviews Distant Shore Screen Shots

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ColorSplash Photography App Reviewed ColorSplash iPhone App

ColorSplash iPhone Photography App Review
This app is by far my favorite Photography app hands down. From the time I downloaded it to my iPhone to begin testing for this review I have taken 213 picture just to play with in this app. I really like what this app has to offer only two things that i wish where added, The ability to send the finished picture through email or upload to flickr or other photo sharing sites from within the app itself.

With that aside this app is wonderful to play with in it’s entirety. Once you have synced this app to your iPhone and click icon you will be giving an option to “take photo” or “Load image” in which you can load image from you camera roll, wallpapers or Photo library. Select you choose to get and image, after image loads it will fade to black & white automatically. You will notice option buttons at the top & bottom of your screen, from left to right across the top your first option will be the menu in here you can start new session, Save Session and Load Sessions. Your next option will give you basic instructions, than there is two buttons similar in shape & size first one will have colored circle and the second will be a red circle, these option allow you to choose between two view modes. The normal view (Left Button) which shows image in part black & white, Part color. The Second mode (Right Button) shows regions that are normally in color tinted in a red. this is done to make it easier see the boundaries between what you want to stay black & white and what you want to re-color.
ColorSplash iPhone App
Your next option will allow you to select from 4 different brushes which very in hard & soft edges, opaque & transparent. With the transparent brush you can partially desaturate parts of your image. The last option across the top allows you to Undo previous brush strokes you done, you have the ability to undo brush strokes all the way back to original image is reached.

Now across the bottom you have a Pan & Zoom option which you don’t really need because you can pinch, squeeze & spread your fingers on the screen as you do for all other app’s to zoom in etc. Now we come to the 2 main options “Color” and “Gray” with these option you can add color back in to a picture with the stroke of your finger tip across the area you want to re-color, If for what ever reason you mess up , change your mind about a colored area by clicking the “Gray” option and stroking your finger over the area you can re-gray an image. By tapping the screen a single time you will put picture in full screen, tapping again returns to work screen, Double tapping screen will switch you options between “Color” or “Gray” at the bottom.

In case I haven`t covered everything about this app remember the second option will give you basic instruction on how to operate app. All in all it is very easy to use & navigate, pretty simple. What I really liked about ColorSlash is the ability to re-color the areas you want to make it stand out with detail while the rest kind of reminds me of being lost in time. I am a total electronic’s nut I have several HD video Cameras, Canon Digital SLR 14 megapixel Camera, Underwater housing for all of them, Webcams, etc… And I honestly had as more fun with this Photography App as if I was working on photo’s in Photshop, using my finger to swipe across the screen as a paint brush is almost effortless. I give this app an A+ I really enjoyed it and highly recommend to all ages.

ColorSplash iPhone App Reviewed ColorSplash Reviews ColorSplash Screen Shots

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Geisha Entertainment App Reviewed Geisha iPhone App

Geisha iPhone Entertainment App Review
Using the Geisha app can be a good two minute break from the stress of everyday life. You launch the app, watch the paper doors slide open and view a kimono clad geisha. Touch the screen and she will begin doing a graceful dance to traditional music. Move your finger around the screen to change the view to above, left or right to get a good look at the entire room. Pinch the screen to close the doors again and put an end to the performance.

The app also features a clock on the screen with the geisha, which works to fulfill two purposes. First of all, you know what time it is so you don’t waste too much of it watching the performance and secondly you can program the app to launch at a certain interval, such as every hour, or at an exact time – say in the middle of a stressful meeting at work. There are a couple other changes you can make. You can choose from three different Kimono colors and use a setting that makes it so the dancer starts or stops when you clap your hands in front of the iPhone’s microphone.
Geisha iPhone App
This app makes for an interesting diversion and people will definitely ask about it. The graphics are also fairly detailed especially the intricate details of the room. I just wish the phone’s memory could keep up with the dancer a little bit better. At times it seems more like she’s doing the robot than an ancient sensual dance.

Geisha iPhone App Reviewed Geisha Reviews Geisha Screen Shots

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GPSed – Track Your Trips

GPSed Travel App ReviewedGPSed iPhone App

GPSed iPhone Travel App Review
I really liked this app. It allows you to plot a trip using the iPhone’s built in GPS and save the information for use later. When you are actually taking the trip, whether driving, walking or flying, it shows you your average speed, top speed and distance traveled as well as how long it takes you to complete each step of the journey. This is helpful for keeping track of mileage if you need reimbursement for work and for finding out how long a trip actually takes instead of relying on estimates from mapping programs.

The only flaw I found isn’t really with the app but with how the iPhone handles background processes. If your phone times out and goes to sleep, the app pauses until you power it back on. This causes your speeds to become skewed and report wrong, since the app won’t know the program stopped and will instead catch up by immediately adding the new miles traveled when it kicks back in.
GPSed iPhone App
Since the phone timed out while I was driving and then kicked back on a couple minutes later, the app assumed I jumped 10 miles in two seconds and gave me an insanely high travel speed of over 120 miles per hour (which is not even possible in my little car). Aside from this little hiccup, the app works as promised and was very helpful.

The app doesn’t have much in the way of graphics or sound. It’s just an allover simple design. It also doesn’t provide maps, just odometer, time and speed statistics.

GPSed iPhone App Reviewed GPSed Reviews GPSed Screen Shots

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